Target HACK – Stool Makeover

target hack-vintage stool makeover

A few weeks ago I was doing my favorite thing – AKA browsing the aisles of Target and I came across these adorable counter stools.

Threshold™ 24" Industrial Counterstool with Wood Top (Set of 2)


But at $98 for the pair, I wasn’t really willing to spend that much. Then I remembered that I had some pretty sweet vintage stools that I traded Katie for a can of paint for a few months ago.  I planned to use them in the basement craft area, but the Target stools gave me a totally new idea on how to spruce them up a bit. Here’s what the stools looked like when we started. Very sturdy, but a little rusty in some spots and I didn’t looove the color.


So we decided to give them a little makeover to look more like the stools I found at Target. It was actually a pretty easy process. Here’s how we did it.

::Materials Used::

  • Plywood- we purchased a 2×4 piece of plywood at Home Depot. It was sanded already on one side so it made finishing a little easier
  • 8 Carriage Bolts, washer & nuts
  • Drill
  • Skillsaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Hand sander
  • Stain
  • Spray paint

::Step 1 ::

We spray painted the base of the stools in Rustoleum Heirloom White, in a satin finish.

Then we measured the top of each stool seat.  Ours were 14″x14″.  Then marked our measurements on the wood, a 14×14 cutout.


:Step 2::

With the skill saw we cut out the top pieces of plywood.

::Step 3::

Because the skill saw only makes straight cuts we had to place the cutout on top of the stool and trace the corners to see where they need to be rounded. Once the corner rounds were traced off, we used the jigsaw to round them off.

::Step 4::

Next we sanded the corners to make them smooth.


::Step 5::

Because our stools already have holes in them it was easy to measure where the holes would need to be cut to screw the bolts into.  We traced from underneath the stool seat where the existing holes were to the bottom of the new seat.  Then we used our drill to drill the holes for the bolts to fit into.

::Step 6::

Next we stained the tops with a combination of Ebony and Red Mahogany and finished them with a clear wax.

::Step 7::

When the stain was dry we attached the wood tops to the stools with the carriage bolts and made sure they were tightened securely.

And that was it, not difficult at all.  Here’s the finished product-


stool 3


target hack-vintage stool makeover

Pretty similar, right?  What do you think? Will you be on the lookout for some vintage stools to try this project?

You might have noticed a little sneak peek of my craft room, stay tuned I will be sharing the full reveal later this week!

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5 Things I NEEEED

So…I have been wanting to make a post to share with the world some of the things that I think I need or my life might end.  I’m being totally dramatic when I say my life might end, but here’s a list of some things that I would enjoy in my life.  Just a few things that I have been crushing on lately.

I neeeeed this CD and like 30 copies so I can listen to it wherever I go, and have extra to bring along in my friends cars.  I have been listening to this on repeat at work for like the past week #sogood. I particularly love #6 #7  #12 & #15 – actually I really love them all.

urban decay naked palette 3

This eye shadow pallet from Urban Decay is so amazing and I realllllyyyy want one. But its like $52 and I’m a cheapo, and have a wedding to pay for. So I’m seriously saving my pennies to buy this because I want it so bad.  I mean look at all those pretty colors.  After I purchase this, I plan to spend at least 10 hours on Youtube learning how to apply it because I need help when it comes to makeup, but I still love it.


If spring ever comes…I need  pair of these Hunter Rain Boots, specifically in graphite gray. Oh and the glossier the better!

Botanical Rose iPhone 5 + 5s Case - INLAY

I not only want this amazing Botanical Rose iPhone case from Rifle Paper Co, but I need it. Its for the safety of my phone.  I spent lots of my dollars on my new iPhone 5s, which I love more than I should so I need to make sure I am properly protecting it.  I think my justification is perfectly reasonable.

Ok last thing, this Kate Spade bag.  I’m pretty much in love with all things KS. And this bag is just amazing. I would probably never spend this much money on a bag, but I can still love it, right?  I have been wanting a cross body bag for a while now and I haven’t purchased one yet, I’m still on the lookout for one that’s reasonably priced.  But so far, this one is in the running.

Ok now you all know a few things that I am totally in love with at this moment. I mean my birthday is coming up in 29 days after all…(hint. hint.)

What are you currently loving and feel like you might “die” if you don’t get? Would any of my picks be on your list?

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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No Sew DIY Grain Sack Pillow

Photo 8

I can finally say that all of the holiday decor is officially put away and our house is somewhat back to normal. It only took me almost a month, but I made it. Usually for me cleaning leads to redecorating and re-arranging around the house. I decided to put the tree in the corner close to the window, to the right of the fireplace this year. So I moved the console table that sits next to the fireplace to the foyer.  That lead me to move the foyer dresser into the kitchen area. Well, once the tree was gone, there was an empty space next to the fireplace, so they all got moved back to their original spots.  Which then left me with an empty space in the kitchen.  So I shopped the house for something that would fit in that small space and I found a cute little burlap bench that I reupholstered last year.

Photo 1

It needed something to spruce it up a little bit, and add some height. So I decided to add some pillows that I had laying around.  I remembered that I had a few grain sacks laying around that I picked up over the summer at antique stores and markets. My mom also gave me a couple for Christmas.  I change my mind often, and I didn’t really feel like busting out the sewing machine to make pillow covers.  So went for the next best thing and made my own, no sewing involved and instant gratification.

Here are the materials you will need and the simple steps-


Grain sack
Pillow insert
Safety pin

Step 1::

Stuff your pillow insert into the grain sack. You will probably have a lot of excess fabric depending on the size of the pillow.

Photo 5

Step 2::

Center the sack around the pillow and turn it over. Fold the corners of the sack to meet the top of the pillow.  You should have something that looks like the top of an  open envelope.

PicMonkey Collage

Step 3::

Fold the point down to the back of the pillow in about the center or however far you need to make the front of the sack straight and tight.  Safety pin the point to the back of the pillow.

That’s it, super easy, no sew, non permanent grain sack pillow.  It literally took me two minutes, and if I ever want to change them out or change my mind it will take two minutes to take apart and use for something else.

Photo 8

Photo 13

Photo 20

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week and stay warm, this polar vortex is seriously kicking my butt and all I want to do is snuggle on the couch all day.  Spring can get here anytime now!

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5 reasons I think all engaged couples should take a marriage prep class

Patrick and I just finished up our last marriage preparation class this past weekend.  To be married in our church we are required to take 2, 8 hour classes and meet with a married couple from the congregation.  I think this is probably one of the most important things you can do as an engaged couple to prepare for your wedding. After all, its about the union of two people before God, family and friends and the state.  You are promising to all of those people that you will be true to each other, in sickness and in health, good times and bad, as long as you both live.  I mean, that’s kind of a big deal.  However, today I feel like some people don’t take it as seriously as they should, or are not really prepared for the long road ahead- aka the rest of their life.

Obviously I’m not married yet, so I cant give you any advice or examples from a married persons perspective. But I can give you the perspective of a person who is 125 days away from promising those things to another person in front of the most important people in her life.  With the divorce rate at over 50% in the United States today, I can only hope that people really stop and consider these factors before they say “I Do.” Here are my five reasons I think all engaged couples should take a marriage preparation class while engaged.

One of my favorite quotes on marriage I've ever read. Marriage is a verb. WOW. This post has 5 awesome quotes on marriage...


1 ::| Opportunity

Taking a marriage prep class gives you the opportunity to learn more about your significant other.  It brings up topics and questions that you might not have ever discussed or even thought were important things to know about each other. It helps each person share their views on different subjects and topics in a very laid back and focused setting. You don’t really have a way to avoid the questions or leave the room because you are there for the whole day.  It gives you distraction free time to learn and listen to your partner.

2::| Planning

Taking a marriage prep class helps you plan for your future.  For example, do you really know how many children your partner wants to have if any at all? Do you know how you will want to organize your finances? Do you know where you want to settle down and plant roots or do you want to move every 2 years to a new city? Taking these classes gives you an idea of what your partner wants compared to what you want. It helps you plan for your future together so you are on the same page. Obviously I know every couple will not always be on the same page and you can not predict the future, but I think it gives you a leg up on other couples who never even discuss these issues that could arise.

3::| An idea of reality

At the marriage prep classes we took we got to hear from real life couples who have gone through real life marriage issues.  They spoke about how not every day is unicorns and rainbows.  There are definitely going to be hard times, but they helped describe how they overcame those hard times.  A lot of people don’t like to show they are struggling with their marriage and hide their unhappiness.  I think that getting to listen to people who have gone through hard times and persevered is a great thing.  I feel like when you are engaged you are usually on top of the world. You can sometimes get wrapped up in the excitement of planning a wedding and all that comes with the engagement that you don’t actually stop and discuss some really important things.  But hearing from real life couples gives you an idea of the reality that marriage can be.

4::| Communication

Good communication in a relationship is usually a huge factor to its success.  If you are able to communicate properly to your partner your wants, needs, hopes and dreams and they are able to be receptive to them you will probably avert many distresses that others who can not communicate properly run into.  Marriage prep is a great way to communicate certain things with your partner that you might not otherwise have the opportunity or thought to do. It brings up many great topics and real life situations that not everyone can for see when they are engaged. My thought is, why not prevent a stressful or disastrous situation before it occurs if you have the chance?

5::| Don’t repeat history

I think this is the biggest kicker for me. I grew up in a home where my parents divorced when I was 11. I would say that it was extremely difficult on me as a child, but yet it has shaped the person I am today tremendously.  Studies have shown that people with divorced parents are at greater risk for divorce. I will not be part of that statistic.  I feel that my parents divorcing has shown me that divorce is just not an option.  I would never want to go through something like that nor have my future children experience something like that.  I think that marriage prep is a great thing for someone like me, who comes from a home with divorced parents and hasn’t always been raised in an environment of a healthy marriage.  There are so many things things these days that are working against you, why not try to be prepared and ready to defeat them.

So that’s my two cents about marriage preparation. I hope that if you ever take anything away from my blog about wedding planning it is that I strongly recommend taking a class. If not for yourselves, for the sake of your partner and your relationship.  After all the pretty dresses, and decorations and dancing is over …


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2014 Word & Goals

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great new years eve and day.  We spent most of the day being lazy, watching football and talking about our goals for 2014.  Something I saw on the Today show and a lot of bloggers do is determine one word for yourself for the year.  The one word that you are going to live by and always have in the back of your mind as you go through life for another year.


Do. That is my word for 2014. I am going to do.  I am going to do more projects, do more blogging, do more painting, do more of what I love.  This year I am going to stop thinking that I “can’t do” something and just do it. I am literally going to say I DO and promise my all my love and my whole life to another person.  It’s kind of a scary thing, doing, but this is my year and I’m going to do it.


I’m going to start with this little blog.  I hope to devote more time, write more and share more.  I need to work on stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing this blog with others is definitely out there, however I have such an urge to do so, it’s sort of weird. But this year I’m going to do it.  I’m going to do things that make me feel uncomfortable and things that are unexpected.

Every year I usually say a few resolutions that I have set for myself, but I never actually write them down, and rarely ever follow through with them.  This year I’m going to write them down and reference them often, in hopes that I will stay on track.  Here are a few of my goals and resolutions for 2014.

  • be more organized
  • exercise more & make better food choices
  • keep better track of spending & stick to set budgets
  • pray and meditate more, grow my relationship with god
  • learn how to use my camera in manual mode & take better pictures
  • blog more
  • be more thankful
  • do and learn more about graphic design
  • go to more concerts
  • try new foods
  • learn more about farming
  • take more risks
  • eat out less and cook more
  • have more self-confidence

I could probably go on for days about the things I would like to improve on and goals I would like to reach, but I feel like this is a really good start. I’m feeling really good about having these things written down and I am ready to start working on my self and starting to DO.

How about you? Do you write down your goals and resolutions? I would love to hear what your big goals are for this year. Thanks for reading and I look forward to a great 2014 with you all.





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The Best of 2013

the best of 2013

Whew! Can you believe it? Another year has gone by, just like that. It was a pretty great year though. So many exciting things happened but I really can’t wait for all that 2014 is going to bring.

So I have actually been writing this little blog since December of 2011, but I say It was the beginning of 2013 when I really started posting on the regular.  And I really enjoy it more and more every day.  I love the creative outlet that this blog provides me and sharing all my projects with you all. Even though there might not be very many of you, I appreciate each and everyone of you that takes the time to read and comment, I love the comments.

Lets take a look back and see what your favorite posts were from this past year.

the best of 2013


#6 Antique Display Cabinet 


#5 My Vintage Card Catalog Flea Market Find


#4 When I saved this little bench from the curb


#3 Guest Bathroom Rustic Towel Rack  


#2 Foyer Dresser Makeover #2


#1 DIY Orb Light Fixture


Well, I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane and took a look at some of your favorite projects from this past year. They are definitely some of my favorites as well. I cant wait to see what 2014 will bring for A Dash of Coco. I’m hoping to spend a lot more time blogging and working on projects.  We have several things we would like to do to the house and I hope that you will follow along.   There is sure to be a few wedding projects tossed in there as well because the countdown is on, only 146 days to go!!! I hope you all have a happy, healthy and blessed  2014.


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Holiday Gift Tags {Free Printable}

Free Gift Tag Printable

So… I totally forgot to schedule this post earlier, it kind of got lost in my drafts. Sorry for the delay, but if your like me you probably haven’t wrapped all your gifts yet. And if your really like me you still have some to buy, nothing like the last minute eh?

I created these gift tags just for you, for free and for fun!

Free Gift Tag Printable

All you have to do is download / save the PDF file below and print them out.

Free Gift Tag Printable

(it might direct you to another page of mine, but just click the link again on that page and it should work)

Happy Wrapping!

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Rustic Gold Christmas Tree

Photo 21

I worked so hard on our Christmas tree this year and it is by far my most favorite tree ever!!! I enjoyed every last minute of it too. I watched a little Christmas Vacation while Pat was hunting and it was just the best time ever. Yes I know, I’m weird.  Pat FINALLY agreed to getting a real tree. So we headed out to our local tree farm to hunt for the perfect tree. treehuntingMy brother rents a house on the tree farm so he and his adorable girlfriend joined us. I totally made Pat hold my hand for this picture too.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed some pictures of our tree already, but here are some more up close and personal details.

Photo 21

This years theme for the tree is rustic and gold. I’m sure you are shocked lol.  I just cant help myself.

Photo 12

I used a lot of natural accents this year. I brought out my burlap ribbon that I made for last years tree and since this one is a little bigger than my old skinny tree I had to cut a few more rows.  I used some lace ribbon as garland along with the few strands of popcorn garland that I was able to salvage from last year.

Photo 15

PicMonkey Collage

I stuck a few decorative twig balls that I usually keep in a vase, in random spots on the tree. When my granny passed away in January we went through her things and I took pretty much all the gold ornaments I could find. That’s where those little birds and presents came from.  I did not buy one ornament for this tree, I mostly used what I had, things that I have gotten as gifts and some hand me downs.  The best time to buy ornaments is after Christmas when most stores have them for like 80% off.

Photo 9.1

rustic gold christmas tree

And that my friends is our rustic gold Christmas tree this year.

What do you think?

Do you have a theme for your trees? Or do you just do the same thing each year?

I would love to hear from you.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Bloglovin

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Joy Banner {DIY}

christmas mantel 2

Hey Hey Hey! Happy Wednesday, hope your all having a great week, don’t worry only a few more days until Friday then its the weekend!! We are hosting an ugly Christmas sweater/white elephant party at our house on Saturday and I have been busy for weeks trying to get the basement in shape.  We have the drywall guy coming tonight so fingers crossed, we can get that done before Saturday.  I cant wait to show you all the progress we have made down there with the craft area and closet that Patrick built.

You may have noticed from the post about our Christmas Mantel & on our home tour the other day this sweet little JOY banner that I made. Well, in case you were wondering where I got it or how I made it, this post is definitely for you. And guess what! It’s sooo easy. Here’s a step by step process for you.


3 book pages



Twine, string or ribbon

Craft paint & brush

Stencil {I actually just free handed my letters)

Ruler or straight edge

Elmers Glue & Glitter [ optional & not pictured]

{Step 1}

Gather Supplies

{Step 2}

With a pencil, draw a line from the bottom corner of the page diagonally to the center. Repeat on the other side so it  looks like a triangle. Cut out the bottom triangle so it looks like image 3.

{Steps 3 & 4}

Free hand or stencil your letters on the center of the page.  Color it in with your paint and set aside to let it dry. I decided later that i wanted to add some glitter around the edge of the letters. To do this, I traced the letter with white Elmers glue and sprinkled glitter on the glue.

{Step 5}

Once everything is dry its time to attach it to your twin, string or ribbon. I fold over the top of the page about a 1/2 inch down and glued it to the backside with the string in between. This still lets me move the pages along the string if I need to and they stick in place pretty well when I want them to.  Next you hang it where every you like! I hung mine on my mantel between our two stockings and I love how the lights from the Christmas tree or above the TV hit the glitter just right and its super sparkly and festive!

Joy Banner 5 steps

christmas mantel 2

See, like I said, super easy! What do you think? Will you try making one?

I feel like I want to make banners with all different sayings now. How cute would little mini ones without letters be for garland on your tree?

Have a great weekend friends!

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Christmas Home Tour 2013

2013 Christmas home tour

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Patrick and I spent our weekend at a conference in the Dells.  He was nominated for an award for being a young achieving farmer.  One of the many reason I love him so much is because he is such a dedicated and driven person. He is always thinking and dreaming, which is something I really admire him for.  We had a great time and it was nice to have a little mini getaway before all the stress, hustle and bustle that the holidays sometimes bring.

Today I’m here to share a little tour of our home decorated for the holidays.  There are so many home tours being given around the blogsphere and I love it every year because there is just so much inspiration and there are so many talented people. Well, I will stop talking and let you take a look around.  Enjoy!



Photo 6

One of the many perks to marrying a farmer is that he brings me random finds from the barns or old houses they buy. He recently found me this antique picnic basket, so I thought it would be cute to add some birch logs and lights to it. Its super cute at night when its glowing, it adds the perfect amount of  ambiance to the entryway.

glass cloche

Photo 1 (1)

No Christmas season would be complete without some mistletoe.  I strategically placed it by the front door so all guest can be greeted properly.


christmas dining table _5

christmas dining table _3

christmas dining table

christmas dining table_2

I bought this antique sled at a show this fall and thought it would look perfect on our dining table.  I added a few ornaments to the dough bough along with some red beads and its totally festive! I could leave this up all winter long.  Which for us is usually until April!

christmas dining table_4

Christmas chalkboard collage

Photo 98


Last year I came up with this super simple display for Christmas cards. So far we have only received one, but I’m sure more are coming.  Its basically a piece of ribbon that I hang on the cabinet with some 3M hooks and clothespin the cards to it. Super simple!  And again I had to change up my chalkboard wall.

{Living Room}

Photo 4


Photo 74

Photo 75

Photo 81



I brought in some natural greenery from the bushes outside and stuck it in some old milk glasses. I love free decor! piesafe_3

Photo 1

Here is a great bokeh shot of our tree. I plan to have a whole post about our tree because I’m pretty much obsessed with it.

2013 Christmas home tour

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by our 2013 Christmas home tour.

You can check out last years tour here. 

Have a great week!

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