2016 Review

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years Eve. I spent it at home with my best girl, while Pat went to a party a friends of ours were hosting.  We weren’t able to find a babysitter so I stayed home and honestly…I’m not even mad. I remember (barely) the NYE’s spent out at a bar until way past midnight but those just aren’t as fun for me anymore when I know I have a toddler to be present with the next day.  Hangovers are not fun, and I’m not immune to them, unfortunately.  Maybe someday we will go all out and fancy again, but for a while I’m totally ok with staying home.

2016 was a pretty crazy year for us. There were a lot of ups and downs, more up’s than downs but I’m really ready to see what 2017 has in store for us.  I just wanted to share a little bit of all the things that happened for us and our family in 2016. 

Maier Farms Members

Patrick and I officially became partners in his family’s dairy farm.  I just want to say that I am so proud of my hubby and how hard he works. He really has a passion for farming and I am so happy that he can continue to help build on what his grandfather, dad and uncle helped build before him.  

Our Baby Girl turned 1 


I can not even explain how fast her first year of life went. It was such a whirlwind of emotions, just trying to acclimate to life as new parents and make sure that you are doing everything right.  She is such a smart happy girl and we love her so much. I actually can’t even believe that she will be two in less than two months.  It’s so cliche but it truly does go by so fast, so make sure that you soak up each and every moment you can. 

Bachelors Degree


Shortly after we got married I decided to go back to school and get my bachelors degree. About a week into classes I found out that I was pregnant with Anika.  I made the decisions to stick with it and get my degree.  Almost 2 years later I managed to graduate with my bachelors degree in graphic design. I am so glad that I accomplished this goal and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my amazing family. 


Shortly after graduating I accepted a position as Marketing Coordinator at the company that I had been working with for almost 10 years.  I can actually say that I love my job and couldn’t be more happy with where I am in my career. It may have taken me a little longer to decide what I want to be when I grow up but I’m so happy that I am finally realizing and achieving these goals.  

Expecting our 2nd child

In June we found out that we were expecting our second child. We were so excited that Anika was going to be a big sister. A little surprised that it happened so quickly, but so excited.  It was funny because  I actually found out the same way that I found out we were pregnant with Anika.  It was a Saturday morning and we had a wedding to go to. Things just didn’t feel “normal” so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Lo and behold it was positive.  Patrick was already busy in the fields that summer so we were always running late. I just laid the test out on the bathroom counter for him to find when he came home.  It was such an exciting day, especially since we went to the wedding and found out later that our best friends were also expecting! We literally had due dates a day apart, how crazy is that?!

Our Baby Went to Heaven 

I went in for our regular 12 week scan just to see how things were progressing and meet with our doctor when we found out that our babies heart had stopped beating a few weeks prior.  It was a normal checkup and I still felt very pregnant so we had no idea. I had really bad morning/all day sickness with Anika for almost 14 weeks so nothing seemed any different with this pregnancy.  Sadly, we will never get to meet that sweet baby here on earth, but we understand that there is a reason for everything and trust that God has a plan for everyone. 

Steamboat Springs Trip

Patrick and I took our first trip away from our girl to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was such a fun little weekend getaway and I will always remember it. I shared some details of our trip in this post

Sold Our Childhood Home


My parents sold our childhood home to build a new house. This was a bittersweet moment for me in 2016. There were so many memories in that home, growing up with 6 siblings and all our neighbors and friends, they will never be forgotten.  It has been really fun helping my parents build their new home though. Thankfully they trust me to help them make some of the design decisions and it has been awesome. I hope to get a little tour for  you once they get moved in because I think it’s going to be beautiful! 

Back to Blogging

As you may have noticed, I started to blog again.  I took a break right before we got married and then I went back to school and had Anika, so it definitely took a back seat to a lot of my priorities. However, it is something that I really enjoy doing, even if I’m the only one that reads it, so I am going to try to post more often and constantly in 2017.  Decorating and house projects are always on my mind and I’m always changing things around our house, so make sure you tune in for the latest on those projects as well as life.  Being a mother is the most amazing thing and I’m glad that I have a place to share all the ups and downs.  

Well that was just a little recap of some of the events/milestones that happened for us in 2016. I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for us because so far, there are some really great things on the horizon that hopefully someday I can share with you all.  

Make 2017 your best year yet! 





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