8 Traditions to Start this Holiday Season

We have been listening to a lot of Christmas music on the radio lately.  Our favorite local station 102.5, it’s normally the Christian station but between Thanksgiving and Christmas they are all Christmas music all the time.  They are a listener supported radio station, so there are no commercials, even better! But the other night we were driving home from the store and they were talking about all the different traditions that people have around the holidays and it got me thinking about all the traditions we had growing up and the ones I would like to create for the future for our family. 

I feel like as the years pass the memories of the gifts given will fade but the ones of the traditions you created will last.  If you are a young or old family I think there is always room for a new tradition.  Here are some that I thought of that would be fun to start this year.  


8 Traditions to Start This Holiday Season

Cut down a real Christmas tree

This is a tradition that I remember fondly from my childhood.  We would always go the day after Thanksgiving to our local tree farm and hunt for a real tree. The farm we went to had real live reindeer and free hot apple cider.  We would bring the tree home and blast Christmas music while we decorated. 

Adopt a Family

There are so many people who are less fortunate than you all year round and the holidays can be especially hard for some families.  Wouldn’t it be so great if you could help a family during this time of year? You could get in touch with your local church, community center, or ask some of your friends on Facebook if they know how to get in touch to support a local family.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a whole group of people to join in with you? We do this at my office and it feels really good to help a family in need.  I think this is also a great way to teach your children the power of giving. 

Christmas Cookie Bake

I shared some pictures from this years Christmas cookie bake and I think this is one of my favorite traditions during the holiday season.  One because we get together with some family members that we don’t see that often, and well…cookies. But seriously its been such a fun tradition that Patricks family has included me on, and I like extending that tradition to my family. 

Christmas Pajamas

Ok I am totally going to start this tradition with my family.  I’m pretty much obsessed with matching pajamas and you don’t even want to know how much time I spent looking for girl and boy matching pajamas online this weekend. Wouldn’t it be so cute for Anika and Vince to have matching jammies on Christmas Eve? Umm thats a yes in case you were thinking about it.  

Christ in Christmas

After all, Jesus is the reason for the season. A wonderful family tradition could be setting up the nativity scene. I set ours out already, and every day Anika and I talk about everyone who is in the nativity scene and the story of Christmas.  I know Baby Jesus shouldn’t technically be in the manger yet, but I think it is a great way for her to learn about why we really celebrate Christmas.  


Christmas Village

Collecting a Christmas village is a great tradition. My grandmothers both loved setting out their villages each year and had a wonderful collection. My sister and I have been passed down the collections and each year we enjoy setting up the village because it brings back special memories of our grandmothers.  

Anonymous Giving

Sometime around Christmas buy someone’s meal for them.  My in-laws do something like this and I think it is so special. They go to a restaurant and pick someone who they think might deserve a free meal. You never know someone story, it could really make their day, week or year.  But doing it anonymously makes it even more special. 

Christmas Lights

Just driving around your neighborhood and looking at Christmas lights can be a magical thing. This time of year can be so busy.  And a lot of times I feel like we are rushing from one place to another.  I think just taking the time to drive around with music on or off in your car and look at Christmas lights can help you slow down and appreciate the time you have with your loved ones.  You shouldn’t have any electronics because you will be driving so you can give your full undivided attention to just being in the moment.  I have seen some cute Christmas light scavenger hunts before too if you want to make it more fun! 

I think having traditions is so important for families, especially children. It gives them a sense of belonging and makes the season even more special.  It’s really not all about gifts.  

What traditions do you have with your family? 




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