Bye Bye Brass – {Fireplace Makeover Part 1}

There are a lot of changes we would eventually like to make to our fireplace and mantel. We don’t love the color of the brick or the mortar…it looks too pink to me but we haven’t really decided which direction we would like to go. I would maybe eventually like to whitewash the brick and paint the mantel but the first and easiest thing on the makeover list is to say bye bye to the brass around the fireplace.

fireplace before

Yeah…that. I know that brass is totally making a comeback but I’m just not feeling it here. I originally thought about taking off the panels to try and spray paint them. Then I had an idea after reading about how much of a fan Caramel is of this stuff called Rub n’ Buff, so I thought I would give that a try first. Yea, I said Rub n’ Buff.  Its pretty much magical and the easiest stuff to use, EVER.

rub n' buff1

I bought mine at Michaels, and most craft stores carry it but usually in limited colors. If you want other colors I recommend looking online.  Like I said its super easy to apply and took about 5 minutes.  You literally rub it on and then come back and buff it.  You can use a lint free cloth or your finger. I recommend using your finger because you will have better control over the application.  A little goes a long way and you just wash your hands with soap and water after. So are you ready for the amazing reveal….

fireplace after 2

Fireplace after


I like the look of the silver/chrome much better. I think if we do end up white washing the brick I might change everything to black, but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

So what do you guys think? Do you prefer the bronze or silver better? Do you have a bronze fireplace? I totally recommend you try Rub n’ Buffing it!


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