Ten Minute Natural Wreath Tutorial

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Hey! I’m stopping in with a quick tutorial for you today on how to create natural wreath. I get so many people who say that “they could never do that” when they see something that I created. And I always think and say, yes you totally can! I believe that if there is a will there is a way, and honestly most of the projects I do aren’t that difficult and it makes them all so much easier if you love doing it. 

I love making wreaths, and changing them out around our house all the time.  I made this wreath, for free, if you can believe it. I literally just went outside my front door and cut branches off the bushes.  I’m not really sure what kind of bushes they are, but they look enough like boxwood to me that I got the idea to cut some branches and make my own.  

Boxwood wreaths are so popular right now, and you can get one at Target that is the same size as the one that I made, for like $45. So yea, I’ll take my free wreath any day.  I already had the grapevine wreath on hand, but you can get them for a few dollars at most craft stores. I think mine is from Hobby Lobby but Amazon has them too. 

Heres a quick how-to make your own! 

10 Minute Natural Wreath Tutorial 

  • Grapevine wreath 
  • Natural branches- like I said I cut some from the bush in my yard, maybe you have one similar, or someone you know does. Maybe your neighbor does and you would be doing them a favor by trimming it up a bit for them?
  • You could also use fake branches that you can buy at a craft store if you can’t find natural accents
  • Scissors
  • Embellishment or ornament that you would like to add

How to Create a Natural Wreath in 10 Minutes or Less

  • Lay your grapevine wreath flat and start at the bottom in the center by adding your beaches one by one.


  • I like to start on one side and add branches half way up and then do the same on the other side so it looks even. Then rotate it and start at the bottom and go up the sides. 

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.

  • Then you just fill in the branches around the whole wreath until it is to your desired fullness.  

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.

  • Add any embellishment or ornament that you would like. Or if you want to keep it plain and fresh I love that too. I wanted to add something for the holidays so I added a cute little brass horn that I found at the thrift store. 

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.

  • The last step is to find somewhere to hang it! If you have a nail or hook you could hang it on that. The grapevine wreaths are super nice because you could also tie a little string or ribbon on the back and hang it from that.  

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.


I hung ours on our front door. I am going to keep our exterior decor really natural this year for the holidays and I think its super cute and inviting.  What do you think? I’m telling you its so easy to create something like this if you just give it a try! 

Oh and just a little tip if you do plan to use something natural, spray it with water every couple of weeks to keep it looking fresh! 





Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.


Joy Banner {DIY}

Hey Hey Hey! Happy Wednesday, hope your all having a great week, don’t worry only a few more days until Friday then its the weekend!! We are hosting an ugly Christmas sweater/white elephant party at our house on Saturday and I have been busy for weeks trying to get the basement in shape.  We have the drywall guy coming tonight so fingers crossed, we can get that done before Saturday.  I cant wait to show you all the progress we have made down there with the craft area and closet that Patrick built.

You may have noticed from the post about our Christmas Mantel & on our home tour the other day this sweet little JOY banner that I made. Well, in case you were wondering where I got it or how I made it, this post is definitely for you. And guess what! It’s sooo easy. Here’s a step by step process for you.


3 book pages



Twine, string or ribbon

Craft paint & brush

Stencil {I actually just free handed my letters)

Ruler or straight edge

Elmers Glue & Glitter [ optional & not pictured]

{Step 1}

Gather Supplies

{Step 2}

With a pencil, draw a line from the bottom corner of the page diagonally to the center. Repeat on the other side so it  looks like a triangle. Cut out the bottom triangle so it looks like image 3.

{Steps 3 & 4}

Free hand or stencil your letters on the center of the page.  Color it in with your paint and set aside to let it dry. I decided later that i wanted to add some glitter around the edge of the letters. To do this, I traced the letter with white Elmers glue and sprinkled glitter on the glue.

{Step 5}

Once everything is dry its time to attach it to your twin, string or ribbon. I fold over the top of the page about a 1/2 inch down and glued it to the backside with the string in between. This still lets me move the pages along the string if I need to and they stick in place pretty well when I want them to.  Next you hang it where every you like! I hung mine on my mantel between our two stockings and I love how the lights from the Christmas tree or above the TV hit the glitter just right and its super sparkly and festive!

Joy Banner 5 steps

christmas mantel 2

See, like I said, super easy! What do you think? Will you try making one?

I feel like I want to make banners with all different sayings now. How cute would little mini ones without letters be for garland on your tree?

Have a great weekend friends!

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Christmas Craft {Music Page Wreath}

Hi Friends! I am in full swing Christmas decorating mode here. This week I’m going to share some crafty Christmas ideas with you and they all include book pages. Today’s project is a spin off of a project I made last year and that was my DIY music page wreath. It is a pretty simple project that takes about a half hour. So get your supplies ready, turn on your favorite Christmas movie and enjoy!

Supply List-

1 Styrofoam  wreath form – I buy them with a coupon at JoAnn’s and usually cut them in half so I have 2 wreaths for the price of 1

5-6 Pages from a book or music book. For this project I used sheet music.  I found the book for about .50 at a thrift store.

Hot glue gun

2 Pine Cones & ribbon (optional)


Take your first page and accordion fold it going the long way (hot dog style)

Then fold that in half and glue the two ends together. You should have something that looks like a fan.

Music Page Collage

Repeat those steps until you have about 5 folded pages, or enough to wrap around your wreath.

Glue the bottom of the folded pages to your wreath form until the whole form is covered.

On another music page trace a spiral starting in the middle working your way out.  Cut out the spiral and roll it up from the end to the center.  Glue the end to the center of the spiral so it looks like you have a flower.
[ Here is a great tutorial with better visuals]

Glue the flower to the middle of the wreath where the ends of the pages meet to close the hole.

I also tied some ribbon around two pinecones and hung them from the middle flower.

Photo 2-2

Photo 3-3

For now I just hang it up on the refrigerator, but I’m sure it will eventually find a new home.

So there you go, super simple and fun! Check back tomorrow for another paper craft project.

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DIY Music Page Wreath

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you how I made my music page wreath and used it as my tree topper this year.  Its super easy and the best part is that it only takes about 20-30 minutes to make!


Here’s how~
1. You will need a Styrofoam wreath,  I used the smaller one and bought it at JoAnn’s for $3 with a coupon.  Music note pages,  I bought at few books at a thrift store for I think .90 each.  I chose ones that already had yellow pages, not the bright white ones because that was the look I was going for.  Hot glue gun or sewing pins. I used pins because it was easier to move things around where as glue is more permanent.
2. Rip out one page at a time and accordion fold it the long way. If you learned hot dog or hamburger in school, it would be the hot dog way ;).  Cut the folded page in half so you have two smaller halves of accordion folded paper.
3. Stick the pages in around the wreath form with push pins or hot glue.


Hang as your tree topper like I did or use anywhere you could use a pretty wreath. I think after Christmas I will keep mine out and hang it on the mirror on my old door in the foyer.

There you have it a super fast and easy way to make a wreath out of music pages. Have you ever made a wreath from paper? Will you attempt this easy project?   coco

From Placemat to Pillow

I worked a little magic on some placemats that I bought at Target the other day.  I was looking in one of the end aisles with the holiday decor and fell in love with these placemats.

I said to myself, self, wouldn’t this be a cute pillow for the holidays? Why yes, yes it would. So I snagged myself two of those puppies for $3.49 each. Yea, how many throw pillows can you buy for $3.49, not many! I took those babies home and got straight to work.  All I had to do was seam rip one side, not even all the way just enough to be able to add some stuffing or a pillow form into it.

I stuffed that baby like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Well at least how I imagine you would stuff a turkey, I have never actually done that before. Did I mention cooking’s not really my thing? Next I used some stuffing from an old pillow that I had, so it cost me zero for that part. And the final touch is easy (unless you are a dysfunctional hand sewer like myself) you just hand stitch the gap closed . BOOM! You now have yourself a fancy schmancy placemat turned pillow! Lets take a look at the finished product, shall we?

Well, there you have it. An easy peasy in-expensive way to make a placemat into a pillow. The best part is I was shopping at Target a few days later and they actually make a pillow version of this placemat…but for $15!!! SUCKERS!!!

If your planning on trying a project like this, I do want to suggest that you purchase a placemat that is two sided and you are able to stuff. If you reallly like the placemat you could buy two and sew them together and stuff them as well. Happy pillowmaking!