Living Room Gallery Wall

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Hey, Hey! How are you all doing? I’m back to work this week after a long 12 day break. I’m pretty proud to say that I  did get a lot of things done around the house over the break though, and one of them was creating a gallery wall in the living room.  

I have always struggled with this wall and I have probably decorated it 30 different times.  Literally, there are probably over 30 holes in the wall, you can imagine how my husband feels about that. I don’t have any of the original paint left so I’m not able to fill them, but I love how my new gallery wall covers most of them. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner! 

I put together a combination of things I already had, and some new things I got with some Christmas money.  I might add things as I find them, but overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I would love to share it with you all! 

I will post a list of sources at the end of the post. 

Ohh I also wanted to share with you all how I hung all of these things without adding any more new holes to the wall. 3M Command Strips, they are seriously a life saver.  I don’t hang anything with nails anymore since I found them. They make them in a few different size options, but the ones I hung the gather sign with can hold up to 16 pounds.  So the possibilities are endless with these things. 

All you need is some command strips and a level and you can easily make a gallery wall yourself.  I just planned out my layout flat on the ground first and added the pieces one by one. I pressed the command strips on the back of the pieces and laid a level on them to make sure they were straight on the wall. Once they were straight I pressed hard for 30 seconds and they were totally stuck.  So easy! 

I also did a little re-arranging with my foyer.  This little dresser used to be there but once I added the built-ins in the living room I had two extra console tables.  I gave one to my sister and put the other in the foyer.  

I even hung the shelf with them and feel totally secure adding decor to it.  If you change your mind a lot like me, these will become your best friend.  You can get them at most hardware stores, Target, even Amazon. 

So what do you think? I’m really loving it! Do you have a gallery wall in your home? Do you think you will add one? Let me know! I also listed the sources for some of  the things that I have on my wall below. 


Letter M- Marshalls – similar 

Wicker Circle Basket- Hobby Lobby

Distressed white shelf- Hobby Lobby

Home wood sign- Hobby Lobby

Wreath- thrifted 

Grateful Sign- handmade 


Ten Minute Natural Wreath Tutorial

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Hey! I’m stopping in with a quick tutorial for you today on how to create natural wreath. I get so many people who say that “they could never do that” when they see something that I created. And I always think and say, yes you totally can! I believe that if there is a will there is a way, and honestly most of the projects I do aren’t that difficult and it makes them all so much easier if you love doing it. 

I love making wreaths, and changing them out around our house all the time.  I made this wreath, for free, if you can believe it. I literally just went outside my front door and cut branches off the bushes.  I’m not really sure what kind of bushes they are, but they look enough like boxwood to me that I got the idea to cut some branches and make my own.  

Boxwood wreaths are so popular right now, and you can get one at Target that is the same size as the one that I made, for like $45. So yea, I’ll take my free wreath any day.  I already had the grapevine wreath on hand, but you can get them for a few dollars at most craft stores. I think mine is from Hobby Lobby but Amazon has them too. 

Heres a quick how-to make your own! 

10 Minute Natural Wreath Tutorial 

  • Grapevine wreath 
  • Natural branches- like I said I cut some from the bush in my yard, maybe you have one similar, or someone you know does. Maybe your neighbor does and you would be doing them a favor by trimming it up a bit for them?
  • You could also use fake branches that you can buy at a craft store if you can’t find natural accents
  • Scissors
  • Embellishment or ornament that you would like to add

How to Create a Natural Wreath in 10 Minutes or Less

  • Lay your grapevine wreath flat and start at the bottom in the center by adding your beaches one by one.


  • I like to start on one side and add branches half way up and then do the same on the other side so it looks even. Then rotate it and start at the bottom and go up the sides. 

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.

  • Then you just fill in the branches around the whole wreath until it is to your desired fullness.  

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.

  • Add any embellishment or ornament that you would like. Or if you want to keep it plain and fresh I love that too. I wanted to add something for the holidays so I added a cute little brass horn that I found at the thrift store. 

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.

  • The last step is to find somewhere to hang it! If you have a nail or hook you could hang it on that. The grapevine wreaths are super nice because you could also tie a little string or ribbon on the back and hang it from that.  

Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.


I hung ours on our front door. I am going to keep our exterior decor really natural this year for the holidays and I think its super cute and inviting.  What do you think? I’m telling you its so easy to create something like this if you just give it a try! 

Oh and just a little tip if you do plan to use something natural, spray it with water every couple of weeks to keep it looking fresh! 





Natural Wreath Tutorial. How to make a natural wreath.


How to Brighten Up an Oak Mantle

White Mantle

Hey guys! I was super busy this weekend with lots of fun projects and I can’t wait to share them all with you. Today I’m going to share how I FINALLY updated our fireplace mantle.  It has a honey oak stain and I have disliked it since the day we moved in, but I lived with it for a long time because honestly, I was kind of afraid to paint it.  It’s a really big focal point of our house because we have such an open concept and the fireplace is right in the middle of the living room. But oh my gosh you guys, I can’t believe it took me this long.  It has already made SUCH a difference and I absolutely LOVE It.  

Here is what the fireplace looked like before.  

honey oak fireplace mantle

Yeah a lovely orange golden oak and I really was just not a fan. It made the whole room look so dark and orange. So what do you think I did? Obviously I painted it…WHITE. 

Here’s how it turned outbrighten up oak mantle

Don’t you just love it? You will also get a little sneak peak at the other part of this project we worked on this weekend, but I haven’t had time to style everything yet so I will be doing a full reveal soon.  

The room is just so much brighter I can’t believe it. It even makes the brick look totally different.  I wish I would have completed this project sooner.  If you’re thinking of doing a simple quick project like this to brighten up your space, here is how I did it. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my disclosure policy.


  • White interior paint 
  • Painters Tape– I prefer this kind
  • Sand paper
  • Paint brush


  • Tape around your wall and brick – taping is really my least favorite part of painting but its necessary for this because you don’t want to get paint on your brick because its hard to get off…trust me. before
  • Give your mantle a quick sanding.  I used 220 grit paper which isn’t very strong. I just wanted to give it a little scuff in order for the paint to stick better.  If you have a really high gloss or clear coat on your’s you might want to use a more aggressive/lower numbered paper. sanding
  • Once you have given it a quick sanding go back through and wipe it down with a wet wash cloth.  You just want to get it clean of any dust so you have a fresh pallet.  
  • Paint it! I painted two coats on our mantle, but depending on how dark your’s is you might have to do more.

Super simple, right? The power of paint is amazing.  AND the best part for me was my husbands reaction.  He said, and I quote, “do you think if we paint the kitchen cabinets white they will brighten up the kitchen that much?” I literally almost died.  So maybe…someday…I’ll get a white kitchen, you heard it here first.


Check back later this week for a full reveal of the fireplace makeover we did.  You can also see how I turned the brass trim on our fireplace to silver here




Easy How To: Removing Tarnish From a Copper Kettle

I am seriously the definition of procrastination.  I got this old copper kettle 2 years ago. It has moved around the kitchen a few times and I see it pretty much everyday. But I still could not manage to spruce it up and make it shiny and new looking again.  You don’t even want to know how many times I have thought about it and then decided I had ‘better things to do’.

And those ‘better things’ probably consisted of watching an entire series on Netflix and not leaving my house or doing anything until I finish it.  Do you ever have that problem?  I have to avoid Netflix most of the time because I know if I get started on a TV show I will have to watch them all before I can move on with anything else in my life.  My current addiction is, The Following, so.good.I.cant.stop. The one before that – My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Thankfully there were only like 7 episodes of that show.

Anywho, I finally managed to clean up my old kettle and it was so easy to get rid of the tarnish, I don’t know why it took me so long.


 This is what we started with, just not living up to its full copper tarnish free potential.

I just cut up a lemon, added some salt and scrubbed the surface of the kettle.  Easy peasey lemon squeezey (pun intended ;))


The tarnish came of so easily, its pretty much like magic.  I did leave a tarnish in some spots because I like the way it still made it look old and antique but not all over dull. I don’t actually use this kettle for tea, just for decoration. Oh and I would recommend doing this in the sink and probably not on your counter top. Its very messy and the lemon and salt is very hard to clean up if it dries a little.



So shiny and pretty right? I love this little kettle even more now.  And my pig cutting boards, my new collection I have started, aren’t they the cutest?


Do you have any super easy projects you have been procrastinating on completing? I would love to hear from you in the comments, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for reading! If you need me I’ll be watching The Following. But seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Its addicting.

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Target HACK – Stool Makeover

A few weeks ago I was doing my favorite thing – AKA browsing the aisles of Target and I came across these adorable counter stools.

Threshold™ 24" Industrial Counterstool with Wood Top (Set of 2)


But at $98 for the pair, I wasn’t really willing to spend that much. Then I remembered that I had some pretty sweet vintage stools that I traded Katie for a can of paint for a few months ago.  I planned to use them in the basement craft area, but the Target stools gave me a totally new idea on how to spruce them up a bit. Here’s what the stools looked like when we started. Very sturdy, but a little rusty in some spots and I didn’t looove the color.


So we decided to give them a little makeover to look more like the stools I found at Target. It was actually a pretty easy process. Here’s how we did it.

::Materials Used::

  • Plywood- we purchased a 2×4 piece of plywood at Home Depot. It was sanded already on one side so it made finishing a little easier
  • 8 Carriage Bolts, washer & nuts
  • Drill
  • Skillsaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Hand sander
  • Stain
  • Spray paint

::Step 1 ::

We spray painted the base of the stools in Rustoleum Heirloom White, in a satin finish.

Then we measured the top of each stool seat.  Ours were 14″x14″.  Then marked our measurements on the wood, a 14×14 cutout.


:Step 2::

With the skill saw we cut out the top pieces of plywood.

::Step 3::

Because the skill saw only makes straight cuts we had to place the cutout on top of the stool and trace the corners to see where they need to be rounded. Once the corner rounds were traced off, we used the jigsaw to round them off.

::Step 4::

Next we sanded the corners to make them smooth.


::Step 5::

Because our stools already have holes in them it was easy to measure where the holes would need to be cut to screw the bolts into.  We traced from underneath the stool seat where the existing holes were to the bottom of the new seat.  Then we used our drill to drill the holes for the bolts to fit into.

::Step 6::

Next we stained the tops with a combination of Ebony and Red Mahogany and finished them with a clear wax.

::Step 7::

When the stain was dry we attached the wood tops to the stools with the carriage bolts and made sure they were tightened securely.

And that was it, not difficult at all.  Here’s the finished product-


stool 3


target hack-vintage stool makeover

Pretty similar, right?  What do you think? Will you be on the lookout for some vintage stools to try this project?

You might have noticed a little sneak peek of my craft room, stay tuned I will be sharing the full reveal later this week!

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No Sew DIY Grain Sack Pillow

I can finally say that all of the holiday decor is officially put away and our house is somewhat back to normal. It only took me almost a month, but I made it. Usually for me cleaning leads to redecorating and re-arranging around the house. I decided to put the tree in the corner close to the window, to the right of the fireplace this year. So I moved the console table that sits next to the fireplace to the foyer.  That lead me to move the foyer dresser into the kitchen area. Well, once the tree was gone, there was an empty space next to the fireplace, so they all got moved back to their original spots.  Which then left me with an empty space in the kitchen.  So I shopped the house for something that would fit in that small space and I found a cute little burlap bench that I reupholstered last year.

Photo 1

It needed something to spruce it up a little bit, and add some height. So I decided to add some pillows that I had laying around.  I remembered that I had a few grain sacks laying around that I picked up over the summer at antique stores and markets. My mom also gave me a couple for Christmas.  I change my mind often, and I didn’t really feel like busting out the sewing machine to make pillow covers.  So went for the next best thing and made my own, no sewing involved and instant gratification.

Here are the materials you will need and the simple steps-


Grain sack
Pillow insert
Safety pin

Step 1::

Stuff your pillow insert into the grain sack. You will probably have a lot of excess fabric depending on the size of the pillow.

Photo 5

Step 2::

Center the sack around the pillow and turn it over. Fold the corners of the sack to meet the top of the pillow.  You should have something that looks like the top of an  open envelope.

PicMonkey Collage

Step 3::

Fold the point down to the back of the pillow in about the center or however far you need to make the front of the sack straight and tight.  Safety pin the point to the back of the pillow.

That’s it, super easy, no sew, non permanent grain sack pillow.  It literally took me two minutes, and if I ever want to change them out or change my mind it will take two minutes to take apart and use for something else.

Photo 8

Photo 13

Photo 20

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week and stay warm, this polar vortex is seriously kicking my butt and all I want to do is snuggle on the couch all day.  Spring can get here anytime now!



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Joy Banner {DIY}

Hey Hey Hey! Happy Wednesday, hope your all having a great week, don’t worry only a few more days until Friday then its the weekend!! We are hosting an ugly Christmas sweater/white elephant party at our house on Saturday and I have been busy for weeks trying to get the basement in shape.  We have the drywall guy coming tonight so fingers crossed, we can get that done before Saturday.  I cant wait to show you all the progress we have made down there with the craft area and closet that Patrick built.

You may have noticed from the post about our Christmas Mantel & on our home tour the other day this sweet little JOY banner that I made. Well, in case you were wondering where I got it or how I made it, this post is definitely for you. And guess what! It’s sooo easy. Here’s a step by step process for you.


3 book pages



Twine, string or ribbon

Craft paint & brush

Stencil {I actually just free handed my letters)

Ruler or straight edge

Elmers Glue & Glitter [ optional & not pictured]

{Step 1}

Gather Supplies

{Step 2}

With a pencil, draw a line from the bottom corner of the page diagonally to the center. Repeat on the other side so it  looks like a triangle. Cut out the bottom triangle so it looks like image 3.

{Steps 3 & 4}

Free hand or stencil your letters on the center of the page.  Color it in with your paint and set aside to let it dry. I decided later that i wanted to add some glitter around the edge of the letters. To do this, I traced the letter with white Elmers glue and sprinkled glitter on the glue.

{Step 5}

Once everything is dry its time to attach it to your twin, string or ribbon. I fold over the top of the page about a 1/2 inch down and glued it to the backside with the string in between. This still lets me move the pages along the string if I need to and they stick in place pretty well when I want them to.  Next you hang it where every you like! I hung mine on my mantel between our two stockings and I love how the lights from the Christmas tree or above the TV hit the glitter just right and its super sparkly and festive!

Joy Banner 5 steps

christmas mantel 2

See, like I said, super easy! What do you think? Will you try making one?

I feel like I want to make banners with all different sayings now. How cute would little mini ones without letters be for garland on your tree?

Have a great weekend friends!

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An Autumn Welcome

Welcome friends! I’m excited to share our fall porch with you all today. This year I really got into decorating our porch.  As much as I would LOVE to have a huge wrap around porch with swings and Adirondack chairs I don’t so I’ve got to work with I got. Baby steps Coco, baby steps.

fall exterior

fall porch 1

 Please forgive me for my over grown rose bush. It has gotten a bit out of control, but I don’t want to cut them off since they are blooming so pretty. My mums on the other hand can open any day now.

fall porch2

I got  my farmer friend to get me a few corn stalks from the field and stuck them in the corner there. I strung some orange lights around them so they will light up at night. I will probably only do it on Halloween when all the kiddies come for trick or treating. I seriously love passing out candy on Halloween! But not as much as Patrick’s mom, she is the cutest thing.  She has lived in the country her whole life and now that she knows someone who lives in town she takes full advantage of the festivities.  She will come over dressed as a witch and pass out candy with me, its the best!

fall porch3I usually have my milk can over in the corner where the corn stalks are but I moved it to the other side because we can get some serious wind up here on the hill and I had some issues with the corn stalks flying away.  We fixed that problem and stapled them to 2×4’s and leaned them up against the siding…does the trick so far!

autumn wreath

I whipped up a quick Autumn wreath this year for the front door. I got the twig wreath from a garage sale over the summer for .50 and wrapped some  burlap ribbon around it.  On my last trip to Hobby Lobby I picked up some faux fall leaves and berries and branchy things and just arranged them around the wreath.  It was a quick 30min project.

I  added a few autumn vignettes around the house as well.

fall entrace

fall kitchen

fall livingroom decor

DIY Autumn Wreath

So the house is officially fallified! What do you think?

 Check out my fall tablescape here

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Simple Fall Tablescape

I know I have mentioned this before, but I’m going to say it again I <3 Fall. We haven’t exactly been experiencing fall weather around here lately because it’s been in the high 70’s low 80’s, but I’m not going to complain. I have my first ever tablescape to share with you today.

fall tablescape1

Yes this is my first ever tablescape! I haven’t really had the need or chance to make set one up in previous years, but this year I was so excited to put a little something something together. I used the china that my great grandmother handed down to me and some placemats I purchased at World Market along with black cloth napkins.  It was super fun actually. I tried to keep it pretty simple because we don’t really have a formal dining room and it didn’t want things getting too formal up in here.

fall tablescape2

fall tablescape5

fall tablescape3

Most everything I used for my center pieces was something I already had or thrifted. Except those cute little owl salt and pepper shakers. My mom bought those for me, aren’t they the cutest?

fall tablescape6

Now I just need to figure out how to cook. Oh and find some friends and family that would take the risk of eating my cooking. Any takers? No? Ehh maybe next year? It still looks pretty though doesn’t it?

Oh and I had my first pumpkin spice latte today! Sooo good. Its going to be hard to hold my self back from going every morning to the coffee shop in town before work.

Check back Thursday to see where fall has hit in a few other places around the house!

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Bye Bye Brass – {Fireplace Makeover Part 1}

There are a lot of changes we would eventually like to make to our fireplace and mantel. We don’t love the color of the brick or the mortar…it looks too pink to me but we haven’t really decided which direction we would like to go. I would maybe eventually like to whitewash the brick and paint the mantel but the first and easiest thing on the makeover list is to say bye bye to the brass around the fireplace.

fireplace before

Yeah…that. I know that brass is totally making a comeback but I’m just not feeling it here. I originally thought about taking off the panels to try and spray paint them. Then I had an idea after reading about how much of a fan Caramel is of this stuff called Rub n’ Buff, so I thought I would give that a try first. Yea, I said Rub n’ Buff.  Its pretty much magical and the easiest stuff to use, EVER.

rub n' buff1

I bought mine at Michaels, and most craft stores carry it but usually in limited colors. If you want other colors I recommend looking online.  Like I said its super easy to apply and took about 5 minutes.  You literally rub it on and then come back and buff it.  You can use a lint free cloth or your finger. I recommend using your finger because you will have better control over the application.  A little goes a long way and you just wash your hands with soap and water after. So are you ready for the amazing reveal….

fireplace after 2

Fireplace after


I like the look of the silver/chrome much better. I think if we do end up white washing the brick I might change everything to black, but I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

So what do you guys think? Do you prefer the bronze or silver better? Do you have a bronze fireplace? I totally recommend you try Rub n’ Buffing it!


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