Target HACK – Stool Makeover

A few weeks ago I was doing my favorite thing – AKA browsing the aisles of Target and I came across these adorable counter stools.

Threshold™ 24" Industrial Counterstool with Wood Top (Set of 2)


But at $98 for the pair, I wasn’t really willing to spend that much. Then I remembered that I had some pretty sweet vintage stools that I traded Katie for a can of paint for a few months ago.  I planned to use them in the basement craft area, but the Target stools gave me a totally new idea on how to spruce them up a bit. Here’s what the stools looked like when we started. Very sturdy, but a little rusty in some spots and I didn’t looove the color.


So we decided to give them a little makeover to look more like the stools I found at Target. It was actually a pretty easy process. Here’s how we did it.

::Materials Used::

  • Plywood- we purchased a 2×4 piece of plywood at Home Depot. It was sanded already on one side so it made finishing a little easier
  • 8 Carriage Bolts, washer & nuts
  • Drill
  • Skillsaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Hand sander
  • Stain
  • Spray paint

::Step 1 ::

We spray painted the base of the stools in Rustoleum Heirloom White, in a satin finish.

Then we measured the top of each stool seat.  Ours were 14″x14″.  Then marked our measurements on the wood, a 14×14 cutout.


:Step 2::

With the skill saw we cut out the top pieces of plywood.

::Step 3::

Because the skill saw only makes straight cuts we had to place the cutout on top of the stool and trace the corners to see where they need to be rounded. Once the corner rounds were traced off, we used the jigsaw to round them off.

::Step 4::

Next we sanded the corners to make them smooth.


::Step 5::

Because our stools already have holes in them it was easy to measure where the holes would need to be cut to screw the bolts into.  We traced from underneath the stool seat where the existing holes were to the bottom of the new seat.  Then we used our drill to drill the holes for the bolts to fit into.

::Step 6::

Next we stained the tops with a combination of Ebony and Red Mahogany and finished them with a clear wax.

::Step 7::

When the stain was dry we attached the wood tops to the stools with the carriage bolts and made sure they were tightened securely.

And that was it, not difficult at all.  Here’s the finished product-


stool 3


target hack-vintage stool makeover

Pretty similar, right?  What do you think? Will you be on the lookout for some vintage stools to try this project?

You might have noticed a little sneak peek of my craft room, stay tuned I will be sharing the full reveal later this week!

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Rattan Dining Chairs

Someone once told me that you should never love something that can’t love you back. I believe that’s generally a really great piece of advice to live by. But that was before. Before I fell in love, before I feel in love with chairs. Yes, I know a chair is definitely something that can not love you back, but so what, who cares, I’m going to love away on my new chairs and anyone (well at least 3 others) is welcome to join!


Check out these chairs I scored on Craigslist. Beautiful right? I have always loved the look of rattan dining chairs but when I find ones I think I love, it doesn’t stick, because the price is usually way out of my budget. But not these babies, that’s probably why I love them even more, who can beat 4 “practically new” Crate and Barrel chairs for $87each? They are a few years old, so they don’t sell them in stores any longer but I found online that they originally cost $399 each!

Lets check out some competitors shall we?


Storsele Chair from IKEA – $119 each

I would say that I got a pretty good deal, compared to similar styles.  I will be sharing more pictures of the chairs soon, once my dinging table is complete, its currently under construction!

Roadside Rescue {Bench Makeover}

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend. We have a pretty eventful one. We had a delicious dinner on Friday night with Patrick’s family and then a great wedding on Saturday night.

I have a little trash to treasure project I worked on last weekend to share with you today.  You may have noticed in the post from last week where I shared my fall front porch with you, a cute little bench.

front porch dusk

Yea, her, isn’t she cute? I cant say she was always that way though.  I’m not really ever shy about picking something off the curb if I see any sort of potential in it.  I get it from my step-mom, Katie. But this decision was a little harder to make.  You see, this little bench happened to be sitting at our neighbors house on their curb. They don’t know me well enough to know my love for JPing (junk picking).  I thought about just shimmying over there, picking up the bench and scurrying back home with it. I wanted to put the bench on our front porch, and I know they would eventually see it and say “hey isn’t that our reject bench, I can’t believe that neighbor girl picked junk off our curb…eww.” So I had to do the one thing that scared the crap out of me for the day.  Someone once told Katie, that you should so something each day that scares the crap out of you, and she reminds me of it all the time. I do thank her for that though, it usually turns out well.

I really wanted that bench, but at first I just couldn’t psych myself up enough to go ask if it was oaky that I took it and explain that I would nurse her back to life and make her all pretty again I promise I’m not a crazy junk picking lady.  For a good 1/2 hour I sat at my window looking at it hoping that nobody else would come up and take it. There was one truck that stopped and I may or may not  for a split second have thought about running down the hill and karate chopping it way from them. But thankfully for them, they left it behind.  At that moment I realized that I had to just get some courage and ask to have the darn bench. So I did, and of course they said, “OMG yes we would love for you to take her and make her pretty again, that was our plan but we just don’t have time.”

So anyway, to make a really short story long, that’s how I acquired this adorable little bench that now lives on my front porch. Here is what she looked like before, all sad and weathered.

bench before

The seat was really rough and needed to be sanded and just whipped clean in general. I think she looks much better on my porch than the side of the road.

bench after1

bench after2

I gave her a few coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s Grain Sack paint.  I love what a little TLC and paint can do to a piece of furniture! And I was so excited about her that I went downstairs and sewed up that pillow. I had this fabric in my scrap/remnant pile and its perfect because its heaver sort of like canvas, in case it would get wet. I always look in the remnant stack at JoAnn’s when I’m there, you never know when you will need a yard or even a half yard of something for a project and they are usually a pretty good price.

bench after3

What do you think of my little bench makeover? Much better right?!

Have you guys been working on any projects lately? I would love to hear about them!

Have a great week!

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Antique Display Cabinet

Happy Wednesday! It’s a short work week for me and I’m looking forward to the long holiday weekend coming up. I’m excited to go camping with my family this weekend. We used to camp all the time when I was younger and it was always the highlight of my summer. Let’s hope that’s still the case, I feel like as I get older, my tolerance for spiders and bugs has gotten much lower…like a lot, so we will see how it goes.

Today I am finally going to share with you the display case that I painted…like a few months ago.  Remember my inspiration from this post?

Here is a before picture of the cabinet

UntitledAnd this is how she turned out


Nothing too far out of my comfort zone as far as the color, shocker! I used Behr’s Sea Salt, leftover from my striped wall in the foyer. I decided to add a little interest I would keep the legs, shelves and detail on the doors the original wood.  Maybe one day I will distress it a bit, but for now I love her just the way she is.


She holds my (small but growing) collection of milk glass.


I added a few wine bottles, and a basket that holds extra décor stuff like candles and seasonal stuff. And that wooden box that looks pink…I plan to paint that soon.


At the bottom I have a few vintage granite wear pieces my mom gave me.

cabinetcolorHere’s a close up of the color. As far as prep and painting went…there wasn’t much to it. I didn’t prep it much more than wiping it down to get the dust and dirt off. I didn’t sand or anything, just started painting and it stuck pretty well! I love easy projects like that.


I moved it over to the awkward hallway between our living room and bedroom. I’m not really sure why the people who built this house laid it out this way, but it is like impossible to fit anything in this hallway except for a skinny cabinet like this…and trust me I have tried a lot of things.  I eventually would like to paint the banister I’m thinking something like this. Having 2 of these honey oak railings smack dab in the middle of our whole living area  isn’t really my jam and I’m ready for a change.

So what do you think of my cabinet? I really like her and I cant wait to decorate for the seasons. Anyone else ready for fall?

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Foyer Dresser Makeover…Again

Yes you read that correctly, I changed my mind again.  I just wasn’t feeling the blue dresser in the foyer so I changed it up a bit. As much as I probably need to step out of my comfort zone with colors other than black, white, tan or gray it just wasn’t me so I decided to make a change.

It was my first time using Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint, and I just have to say I love it like a fat kid loves cake. Its so easy to work with, it doesn’t take as long to apply or dry as other paints. And for impatient painters like me, that’s a major perk.  I also purchased it from the cutest little shop in Sun Prairie called The Ironstone Nest. Here is the progress our foyer has seen since we have moved in.


Yea…not so cute.  It definitely needed some brightening up. So I decided to paint some stripes and move the bench and door to the throw everything you don’t have a place for it room guest bedroom. I found a cute little 3 drawer dresser for $12 bucks at Savers and the foyer looked like this for a while.


It did brighten things up a bit. I painted stripes on one wall and painted the other 2 walls Behr’s Sea Salt. I love my striped wall and I did like the blue dresser for a little bit but I just felt like there was something  missing. So I decided to paint the dresser again. I went with Miss Mustard Seeds Grain Sack for the frame and top of the dresser and I stained the drawers with MinWax Ebony stain.  Laura recommended this product called Citristrip and it is seriously magical. You just brush it on and it peels any paint, stain or varnish right off. Why did I not know about this sooner? Here is how the dresser turned out.


Don’t you love it? It just works so much better with this space than the blue.



 I added those crystal knobs in place of the original gold hardware, and I adore them.


foyer after


 So what do you think? Much better right? Sometimes I catch myself just walking by so I can look at it again 🙂

Have you ever used MMS paint? What do you think of it? I cant wait to try more projects!!



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Flea Market Finds | Vintage Card Catalog

You guys are really lucky that I am here to share this post with you because a few weeks ago…I seriously died and went to heaven for a day.  Katie and I went to a flea market about an hour and a half away from our house. And it was A-MAZING! We don’t really have any flea markets in our area, which is sort of odd because we live in an area that is sort of rural, but about 10 miles from Madison, the state capitol and you would think there would be some sort of event around the area like that, but nope, no such luck. We have a few places in the area with auctions, but its nothing compared to this place.


I heard about this flea market in Elkhorn from Patrick’s Aunt, Lori. Apparently they have been going there for years and have been holding out on me.  There were over 500 vendors at this one day event located at a fair grounds. Since I have never been to a legit flea market, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was pretty overwhelming and we didn’t even make it half way through. Later I will share some of the things I learned and few tips for you if you are shopping a flea market.

I have been looking for an old fan for a while now, but I just couldn’t find the right one for the right price at any of our local antique stores or online.  But I found this cute little green fan for a steal. I also picked up this adorable wire cloche with a bird’s nest on top and if you don’t know, I have a bit of an obsession with birds and this fits right in.

fan collageI also picked up this old wrought iron cow weathervane and hung it above the window in the kitchen.


I bought an awesome round wicker basket and a set of deer antlers.  I might find a different place for the antlers  but for now they are hanging out on the console table next to the fireplace. The wicker basket is so big and holds a bunch of our throw blankets on the other console table next to the fireplace.

antler&basket collage

But my most favorite find at the market is for sure this vintage card catalog.

vintage card catalog

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it. I loved the card catalog that Mandy at Vintage Revivals has in her living room. And I have seen a few others on Pinterest.  I had  been looking for something to fill that small little space between the two couches and originally thought that I would find a small end table. But when I saw this I just knew I had to have it. And it totally helped that Bob gave me a great price.  Thanks Bob!

vintage card catalog

She was a little dirty and took a little work to fix up but it was well worth it.  I added a few succulents to a couple of the drawers and put my new fan on top. I’m sure that will change but I kind of like it for now.

vintage card catalog

So those are all my goodies that I found at the market.  I’m excited to go back next year.

Do you have any flea market finds? I would love to hear about them!

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Foyer Makeover- Dresser Re-do

We are working on giving our foyer a little face lift.  We want to give her a little more “Hi how are ya, welcome to our home” feel.  We are secretly really trying to impress the many children solicitors that we get. I’m not even kidding you, at least 1 or 2 kids  a week come to the door wanting to sell something.  And me, of course, the sucker that I am, gives in every.single.time. I swear that we have a sign on our roof that says, a sucker for church or summer camps or sports lives here. No, for real though, I love our neighborhood. I will forever continue to buy their popcorn, fruit baskets and discount cards, because it kind of makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside…yea weird, I know.

So today I’m sharing a little dresser that I worked on this past weekend. Here is what she looked like before..


Kind of blah, huh? I got a little antsy and took the hardware off before I got a full before picture. But you guys get the idea.  I bought her at Savers this winter for $12, and she has been sitting in the basement all winter, and now she is ready for her makeover. I’m not really sure why I refer to my pieces as a specific gender, but I do, so lets just go with it.

It was my first attempt at making my own “chalk paint” I followed a recipe I found from Liz Marie.  I mixed un-sanded grout with paint. She recommends flat paint, but I had  a few  free quarts of paint from work and they were satin. I’m not sure if that makes a huge difference or not, but there were a few areas that weren’t as flat as I would like them to be. But over all I think it turned out really cute.

 I only applied one coat of the chalk paint. I like how the wood sort of shows through in some places.  I sprayed the pulls with a fresh coat of Rust-Oleum metallic gold, and I just shopped around the house for the accessories on top. I like that it gives me so much more storage space as well. I put all our winter hats, mittens, and scarves in the drawers.    Here are a few more after pictures.






So, what do you think? She cleaned up pretty nice I would say. Our foyer is slowly coming along and looking more bright and inviting.  I’ll share more info about the striped wall and a few more changes with you soon!



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TDC Before and After

Bathroom Vanity Makeover

Hey Guys! Today I want to share a bathroom vanity makeover with you that I did a few months ago. Patrick’s mom, Daun, wanted to change her builder grade vanity and came to me for help. She is always so supportive of me, and just the sweetest person you ever could meet. She wanted her new vanity to have a more “custom” look and obviously I jumped at the chance to help her out. I want to apologize in in advance about the pictures being terrible, I took most of them with my phone. Here is what we had to work with:

I did some research online first and sent her a few inspiration pieces.  Here are a couple that caught her eye…




She liked the first image the most and thought that look would work well with her existing counter top and mirror. We did plan on changing the handles though to give it a more updated look.  Here is a list of steps I used for this make over:


  1. Remove all the doors, drawers and hardware.  I removed the drawer fronts only, so it would be easier to paint. It was as simple as removing a few screws. I recommend taking a picture of the way the hinges are attached to the drawers, for some reason when I go to re-install them it takes me like 3 tries, don’t ask me why. So whenever I’m working on a project with hinges…I always have to take a picture. I guess I’m just one of those visual people.
  2. Tape down newspaper or canvas to protect the floors. Tape around the counter top and walls to protect from paint. 
  3. Lightly sand the front and back of the drawers and doors. Also lightly sand the frame of the vanity. I used 100 grit sandpaper.
  4. Prime the doors, drawers and frame.  I pretty much always use Kilz Premium Latex White Primer, its like $20/gal at Home Depot. I use a primer on most of my projects, unless I am using a chalk or milk paint where one is not needed. I’m sure any type of latex primer will do the trick.


  1. I set up a little painting station in the garage and used old deck railings to rest the drawers on so they wouldn’t stick to the table or paper.
  2. When priming and painting I recommend you start with the back or inside of the doors first, so when you turn them over if there are any marks they will be on the back.
  3. Once the primer is applied I mix my paint with a paint conditioner to reduce brush marks. I use Floetrol that you can pick up at most any hardware or big box store. Just follow the directions on the back of the bottle. 
  4. I used a small roller and a good quality paint brush to paint. I recommend you spend the money for a good paint brush, it makes a huge difference to reduce the brush marks and some chepo ones tend shed a lot.
  5. I applied 2 coats of paint and let each one dry over night.
  6. To distress the drawers I just lightly sanded them with 100 grit sandpaper where I wanted them to look distressed.

Choosing Hardware:

I think hardware can almost make or break a piece of furnitre.  Daun wanted something that would be different, yet still tie in with the rest of the room. We took most of our inspiration from her glass tile border.

 So I searched, and searched for the perfect and reasonably priced glass knobs at Hobby Lobby, on Etsy, Amazon and other random websites.  Finally I found the perfect knobs at Anthropologie for only $8 each!

I re-installed the doors and drawer fronts, added the hardware and voila! Here is the beautiful final product

What do you think? Looks pretty good huh? What does your bathroom vanity look like? Could it use a simple update like this?

Buffet Transformation

Something you may or may not know about me is that I love to paint furniture.  I know there are some people out there who are the “wood savers” and believe it’s almost a sin to paint wood. Don’t get me wrong, I think wood is beautiful…but don’t things just look so much better with a little color?

For a while now, I have been looking for a nice buffet table to add to our home.  Obviously I didn’t want to spend a whole lot and it had to be something that fit in with the other pieces in our home.  So I searched and searched AND searched, Craigslist, and auctions and thrift stores for what seemed like forever.  And eventually I found THE ONE! Finding the right piece does take some time, so patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to this type of stuff.

I finally found her on Craigslist and how convenient it was…she was only about 10 miles away from home.  All I had to do was convince The Muscle ( aka Patrick) to come with and help move her.  And when I say help move, I pretty much mean do all the work and I will just stand around and supervise, ‘cus I’m good like that . We got her all loaded up, and brought her home and of course I neeeeded to start working on her like that minute, so my before picture isn’t exactly what she looked like when we got her.

(Sorry for the blurry phone pic)

I wanted her to look shabby chic so I dug in my leftover paint stash and found the perfect color, Irish Cream from Sherwin Williams. I’m pretty sure that I got that quart of paint out of a free bin at a garage sale, SCORE!  We have a cherry colored mahogany dining room table, and I wanted this piece to fit in with that so I sanded the top all he way down to the original wood.  I just gave the bottom a light sanding to get off the poly.  I gave her one coat of primer and painted 3 coats of Irish Cream.  The top was stained with Red Mahogany by Min Wax and sealed with the Min Wax buff on sealer.

To give her the distressed look I waited about two days until she was fully dry and then lightly sanded with 100 grit sandpaper the areas that I wanted to look distressed.  It turned out especially well on the middle drawer that has decorative carvings in it.

Since I planed on changing the hardware, I did have to fill in the holes with some wood filler prior to painting . I found my new hardware at Hobby Lobby on sale, of course, for $1.99 each.  If you ever shop at Hobby Lobby don’t buy it if it isn’t on sale. They pretty much just rotate their sales each week, so if you weren’t lucky this week, wait and it will most likely be on sale the following.  They also have 40% off coupons you can print off their website.

I’m sure you are all waiting to see the after picture by now. I love her and think she turned out so beautiful and I love changing up her decor for the seasons.

Here is a before and after comparison.

Anyone trying a furniture painting project of your own? Or are you one of those anti-wood painters?