Wedding Update {Blush and Gold Mood Board}

Blush and gold mood board


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Hi friends! I’m back today to share a bit of wedding related stuff with you. The main question I get from people when I tell them that I am getting married is, what are your colors? Its important to get a good idea of the main color and a few accent colors you are wanting to use for your wedding as soon as you can. There are so many things that you will be doing when planning your wedding and knowing what colors you want will help a ton.

I always described to people that I want very light, romantic colors for my wedding. I have always been drawn to soft pinks, blush, pale greens, whites, creams and I added gold in for a bit of a glamorous accent.  Even before I was engaged my Pinterest board was full of these colors in flowers and dresses and décor. {Don’t judge me for having a wedding board before I was engaged, you all know you do it!}

So to better explain and describe to you what I’m planning I put together a little mood board of how I would like my décor to look. I have many DIY projects on my list and cant wait to share them with you.

The bridesmaid dress in the center are the actual dresses my girls picked out and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful dress. It’s going to look so amazing on each girl and I cant wait to see them in it. I will be using a lot of babies breath in my décor especially for my bridesmaids bouquets.  For my bouquet I dream of something similar to #2 big and romantic flowers. I also envision lots of wildflowers and light colored roses for the table décor.  The barn is beautiful in its self, so it really wont need a lot of elaborate flower displays, which I love.

So my friends, that is what I’m feeling for my wedding décor. I’m pretty much in love. What do you think?

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Guest Bathroom Mood Board

11 days people, 11 DAYS!!! That’s the countdown to my home freedom. If you don’t already know, Patrick and I have a roommate. But not for much longer, only 11 more days and the house is 100% ours.

Patrick bought this house 2 years ago, while I rented an apartment in our home town.  He got a roommate to help with the mortgage payment and to take up some space I guess and its kind of just what you do when your right out of college and don’t want to move back into your parents basement.  However, since I moved in last year, the extra person hanging around has been cramping our style a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, its nice to have the extra money coming in to use as “fun money”, but  there has to be a time that people must move on and let me tell you…that time is NOW. So this is where I do my happy dance. The roomie has found a new place to live and I will have an extra garage stall, bedroom, and bathroom to claim.  And now if I want to walk around or drink my morning coffee in my undies, I can! TMI?

The bathroom that the roomie uses is the main level bathroom just off the kitchen/living room and lets just say its not always the cleanest or decorated to my taste at all. I mean he’s a boy, I didn’t really expect much.  Patrick let him paint his bedroom and bathroom a dark dark gray almost black color.  YIKES ! He has a much more modern style than we do, so that is the first thing to change.  I’m excited that I can actually have our guests use the main level bathroom instead of directing them through our bedroom to use ours .

So I have put together a little mood board of what I want the bathroom to look like. It doesn’t need any major renovations since everything is relatively new, just a little dash of Coco and we are good to go. Here is the mood board I put together to give you an idea of what I’m going for.

Guest Bath Mood Board numbers_overlay

Source List –

  1. The Shower curtain is from World Market. I already purchased it and pulled my wall paint color from it {Glidden – Barely Jade}. I do wish we had a sweet claw foot bathtub like that…but unfortunately not, maybe someday.
  2. Rug is from I just looked for an image of a white plush rug, not sure where I’m going to purchase one yet.
  3.  I’m obsessed with this herringbone marble tile. I don’t think its something we will do right away, but eventually want to replace the gray linoleum that is there now.
  4. I plan to paint our vanity white and add legs like the one above. I also see some bead board wallpaper in my future…
  5. Replace existing faucet with an ORB fixture
  6. We are going to frame the builder grade mirror that is there now, unless I can find one to replace it.
  7. This light fixture is very similar to the one that is there now, and I do like it, except for the fact that it was installed upside down. What’s up with that?
  8. Making a towel rack out of an old barn board is a must for this space! I saw this adorable idea from Jenn @ My Fabuless Life.

So as you can see I’m going for a very light airy and fresh look. I’m hoping I can transform this space in like record time, because I am hosting my future sisters bridal shower at our house in like 16 days. I’m already stressing just thinking about it, but I live for this stuff!

So what do you think of my bathroom mood board? Any bets on whether or not it can be pulled off by June 2nd?

  Oh and on a totally unrelated note, I have to share with you that I completed my first 5K this past weekend. If you know anything about me, running is just not my thing. I mean I wish I was one of those people who loved it and could do it everyday and get the runners high. But I have just come to terms with the fact that I’m not.  But we did do a fun run called It’s Glow Time, it wasn’t a timed race or anything, just a fun little thing to do with your friends.


Here’s team Glow With The Flow. It was a night race and the point was to wear neon colors or things that would glow in a black light. There was music and dancing stops every mile with black lights so your colors would glow.  I had a good time doing it with my friends and crossed it off my bucket list, but like it said…probably not my favorite activity. Plus it was like 40degrees out…burr! (yea that’s me in the hot purple headband)


I hope you all have a great weekend! We are busy with home projects, softball and a wedding oh and the countdown.



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Antique Display Cabinet {Paint Inspiration}

Hi Friends, hope you had a great week. I’m so glad its finally the weekend! Even though the weather is not so great around here, its still nice to have a break for a few days, especially to work on some projects.

Last weekend I sold my buffet that I repainted last summer.
before and after

It was sort of a bitter sweet moment. I was sad because I worked so hard on it and I loved having all the space it provided to house my great-grandmothers china. The reason we ultimately decided to sell it was because we are in the process of making over our living room and there just wasn’t room for it any longer.  So I put her up for sale on Craigslist and she went to a great home. {Funny story, the people who bought it lived about 15 miles from us…and had the same last name, well my future last name. And they were dairy farmers too. No direct relation though, but what a small world, huh?}

I also made some money by selling this piece, which is always nice.  I had big plans for that to go straight into the wedding fund…until I saw this little gem while perusing Craigslist…


Sorry for the bad phone pic, but isn’t she cute? I just love those feet! She has so much potential.

When I’m in need of inspiration there are a few places I go.  First, and probably most obvious is Pinterest.  I look back at old pins, or search for new inspiration in the search tool. For this specific piece I typed in a few key words like antique cabinet, hutch, display case and painted furniture and there were a ton of results.

Another place I go to look for inspiration are other blogs.  Miss Mustard Seed has so many great paint projects, I could probably spend all day on her site.  Each week she hosts a link party, Furniture Feature Friday and you are bound to find a blog that has something you will love.

Here are a few ideas that I have for my new project.

Furniture Paint Ideas

1. I like the gray almost white-washed look to this hutch. I also like how the inside and the detail on the glass are painted a different color. /Source

2. Again I like the gray white washed look of this cupboard. I’m really feeling the Restoration Hardware vibe./Source

3. What about a pop of color? This robins egg blue is adorable on this piece. And I love the distressed and waxed look they gave it. My piece doesn’t have a lot of detail other than on the glass, so maybe I will save this technique for a different project./Source

4. I’m obsessed with this piece. I love the contrast of the two colors and how sabby it looks. I’m a sucker for shabby chic. /Source

5. And last but definitely not least. Miss Mustard Seed wins my heart again. I love how she left the detail on the glass wood and painted the exterior and interior different colors.  I think I’m leaning most toward this look./Source

Well I guess I have a lot of thinking to do, but I cant wait to get started on this new project. What is your favorite look? Or do you have any ideas of your own to share? Where do you go for inspiration? I would love to hear from you.