Weekend Rewind & How to Make Money Shopping Online

Hey! I hope you all had a really great holiday weekend. Doesn’t it seem like it when by so fast? I hope you are all adjusting well back into your routines.


We had such a great weekend spent with so much family, it was really the best. We had Thanksgiving on Thursday, and then Friday and Saturday we baked cookies.

Pat’s family has been doing an annual cookie bake for a long time and they have always so graciously invited me to join them, even knowing my level of baking abilities. This cookie bake was extra special because Anika and Vince got to decorate their own cookies. They did such a great job with grandmas help. 





We had our first annual cookie bake at my moms house on Saturday, with my sisters and my brothers girlfriend.  So many cookies, you guys.  My niece and nephew joined too it was just a really great day.  




I also might have done a little shopping this weekend. No, I didn’t brave the stores, but I did a lot of shopping online and got a lot of Christmas gifts purchased.  I wanted to share with you how I made money while shopping online this weekend.  

I’m sure you have all seen or heard of the website Ebates by now?I know I have shared it in the past with you here.   It can be kind of deceiving when you first see it like, why would I really get money back just by shopping through this link?  But you guys, I PROMISE it is legit.  I have been using it for a couple years now and my total cash back is $108.36.  In the past I have forgotten to use it,  but thats a lot of money if you really think about it, just for taking one extra click.  

But I found out now, they have this new feature that will help you to never forget to use your Ebates when you are already on a site. All you have to do is download their Cash Back Button after you sign up. It will put the button at the top of your screen and each time you are on a site that is eligible for cash back rewards, you simply click to activate it. So easy! I swear if you don’t use this, your leaving money on the table.  AND they have a new feature where you can link your credit or debit cards through the site and use them IN STORE.  So you can also get cash back if your shopping at a store eligible for cash back. Free money just got so much easier! I haven’t tried this option yet, but you can bet my money saving heart will be. 


I used my cash back rewards at Gap, Old Navy, Kate Spade & Sorel this weekend.  And most of them had at least 8% cash back.  

Today is Cyber Monday so its the perfect opportunity to sign up and start saving if your going to be shopping online.  

Happy shopping, and saving money! Let me know what your shopping for today in the comments! 


Click Below to sign up! 
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back




4 Gift Christmas + Toddler Gift Guide

4 gift christmas

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a great week. I wish I was sharing the second half of our fireplace project with you today, but sadly that will have to wait until Monday. I need time to finish decorating and to take pictures. Since I leave for work when its barely light out and come home when it is dark, it makes it hard to get good pics for you all and I want to give you the best, because I love you all so much.

4 Gift Christmas

So I have seen this idea before from a few different people and I always thought it was something I wanted to try when I had children. The concept is that you basically give your child/children 4 gifts each for Christmas and it consists of something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. 


This is from one of my all time favorite bloggers, Emily at Jones Design Company

I love this idea. I think it really helps you be intentional with your gift giving and teaches your children to be more grateful for the gifts that they do get.  Plus there are so many gifts that are given by other people like grandparents, aunts & uncles that there is definitely no shortage.  I know Anika is still pretty young to get the concept, but I think it will also help me restrain myself from buying her all the things. 

Toddler Gift Guide

As most of you already know, I love a good deal, and Target, and shopping for my little one. So I have rounded up a little shopping guide for your littles! Can you believe its already Black Friday next week? 

I used to be one of the crazies that goes out in the middle of the night/early morning to find the deals but over the past few years I have hung up my hat on that adventure. Now I stay in the comfort of my own home in my PJ’s, by the light of my Christmas tree and shop.

Target is my favorite place to shop for well, everything, but especially for Anika.  I like their toy selection because its not too overwhelming.  Have you ever been in a Toys R Us? Yeah…talk about crazy.  I put together a little guide of some things that she wold love. So if you have a little one around 2 years old you might want to check some of these out and cross some items off your list!

This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. This is not a sponsored post by Target, I’m just sharing because its my favorite, but if you make a purchase from one of my links I may be paid a small commission. See my disclosure policy for more information.



Pillowfort Teepee

How cute is this teepee? These are so popular right now and kids love them. Anika’s cousin has one and its so fun to watch them play together in it. We usually try to stick with gender neutral patterns and colors for bigger toy items like this, because you never know if you will have more children someday and you won’t want to have to re-buy something because everything is hot pink or purple.  I pretty much love everything in this Pillowfort Collection at Target.  

Little People HouseLittle People House

Kids love small things. I think its because they fit so well in their little hands and they are easy to play with and take places.  These little people sets are great for imaginative play!


Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Set

Whenever I get the broom out to sweep or the duster Anika has to have one of her own to help me.  Its so cute when she tries to help sweep the floor but I think she would love something like this that is more her size and manageable.  And we just love anything Melissa & Doug.


Pocket Dolls

These are so fun! They are like paper dolls but wooden, so more sturdy and they have magnets so you can  change their outfits. I remember playing with paper dolls as a little girl, I hope my little girl loves it too. 


Baby Doll Jogging Stroller

Every little girl needs a stroller for her dollies.  



These are fun, and the best part is that they can only color on the mat and it just uses water. No mess on your couch, or walls or carpet! 


Play Kitchen

 We have this actual kitchen and Anika loves to make me food and do the dishes. We got this for her first birthday and its really good quality, it took a while to put together but is so worth it.  We got pink because that was the only color in stock at the time, but if I had to do it over I would get white. 


Nesting Box Blocks

Kids love stacking, and putting things inside other things, these blocks are a great idea for little ones.  These also help with learning animals, shapes and the alphabet! 

So now the best part… Target is having 10 days of deals and their first day is 30% off TOYS!  It’s only good tomorrow 11/19 with the PROMO CODE PLAY.  You can also use your Target Red Card to get an additional 5% off and shipping is free when you spend $25.  I just signed up for a Red Card (debit card) and I don’t know what took me so long! 

AND don’t forget to use your Ebates to shop too because you could get an additional % cash back.  

So, are you one of those people who fights the crowds for a good deal? Or sits home and shops online like me? What are you buying the toddler in your life? Let me know in the comments! 









5 Things I NEEEED

So…I have been wanting to make a post to share with the world some of the things that I think I need or my life might end.  I’m being totally dramatic when I say my life might end, but here’s a list of some things that I would enjoy in my life.  Just a few things that I have been crushing on lately.

I neeeeed this CD and like 30 copies so I can listen to it wherever I go, and have extra to bring along in my friends cars.  I have been listening to this on repeat at work for like the past week #sogood. I particularly love #6 #7  #12 & #15 – actually I really love them all.

urban decay naked palette 3

This eye shadow pallet from Urban Decay is so amazing and I realllllyyyy want one. But its like $52 and I’m a cheapo, and have a wedding to pay for. So I’m seriously saving my pennies to buy this because I want it so bad.  I mean look at all those pretty colors.  After I purchase this, I plan to spend at least 10 hours on Youtube learning how to apply it because I need help when it comes to makeup, but I still love it.


If spring ever comes…I need  pair of these Hunter Rain Boots, specifically in graphite gray. Oh and the glossier the better!

Botanical Rose iPhone 5 + 5s Case - INLAY

I not only want this amazing Botanical Rose iPhone case from Rifle Paper Co, but I need it. Its for the safety of my phone.  I spent lots of my dollars on my new iPhone 5s, which I love more than I should so I need to make sure I am properly protecting it.  I think my justification is perfectly reasonable.

Ok last thing, this Kate Spade bag.  I’m pretty much in love with all things KS. And this bag is just amazing. I would probably never spend this much money on a bag, but I can still love it, right?  I have been wanting a cross body bag for a while now and I haven’t purchased one yet, I’m still on the lookout for one that’s reasonably priced.  But so far, this one is in the running.

Ok now you all know a few things that I am totally in love with at this moment. I mean my birthday is coming up in 29 days after all…(hint. hint.)

What are you currently loving and feel like you might “die” if you don’t get? Would any of my picks be on your list?

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Shopping Online

I love online shopping. There, I said it. And I may or may not be on a first name basis with my UPS delivery guy. But you know what, I’m not ashamed, not one bit.  I mean who doesn’t love getting presents in the mail? Don’t think I’ve ever met anyone. Its just so convenient and sometimes you get way better deals than in stores and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.


Yea…that would be me, and trust me noooo one wants to see that. Since I’m such a giver, I’m willing to share my secret deal websites, that aren’t really secret, but I think you and your mom, sisters, aunts and cousins should all know about them.

#1 – Zulily 

I probably fall victim to this site most often. They send you daily deal emails and most of them are just way too hard to pass up.  I mean I got these cute boots a few weeks ago for $34.99. They are really great quality and I wouldn’t be able to find them for that price at any of our local shoe stores. So you should all go sign up for their daily emails and I dare you to resist buying anything. They have a great referral program too, so make sure you click the link above and spread the word! Capture

scarfChristmas is coming you know, as hard as it is to think about.  Where else can you get 4 super cute scarves for $36? Its going to be hard not to keep them all for myself, but like I said…I’m a giver and I have started my shopping early this year!

#2 Wayfair

If you are looking for great deals on anything home related, this site is great. They have daily deals as well as inspiration for your home. You can find anything from home décor accents to light fixtures. They carry so many great well known brands at great prices. You should definitely check here before you plan to buy anywhere else. And you get 3% back when you shop there to use on future purchases!

#3 Décor Steals

If you love getting a new home décor deal sent your inbox everyday, this site is for you.  You never know what is going to be the next deal or flash deal.  I’ve bought some really cute home décor stuff from this site, and its usually stuff that you wont be able to find in stores very often. Like these awesome boxwood wreaths that I shared on Instagram.

#4 Joss and Main

If you’re ever looking for some furniture or décor eye candy you have to check out Joss and Main. They have weekly sales on everything home. And they have stuff for every budget. I bought the console tables that are next to our fireplace here.  They originally sent one that was damaged and it was super easy as far as the return/exchange process went and they even gave me a $0 credit for the “hassle”.  If you refer friends and they buy something you get a $15 credit, sweet huh?!

Well those are just a few of the sites that I shop online.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not buying something from these places every day, but they are definitely my go to sites when I’m looking for something specific. And Hey! there is nothing wrong with browsing every day once in a while ;).

What are some of your favorite online shops? Do you prefer online or store shopping? Leave me a comment and we can chat!


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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or paid to talk about these sites…I just love them and do it for free and for fun.



Flea Market Finds | Vintage Card Catalog

You guys are really lucky that I am here to share this post with you because a few weeks ago…I seriously died and went to heaven for a day.  Katie and I went to a flea market about an hour and a half away from our house. And it was A-MAZING! We don’t really have any flea markets in our area, which is sort of odd because we live in an area that is sort of rural, but about 10 miles from Madison, the state capitol and you would think there would be some sort of event around the area like that, but nope, no such luck. We have a few places in the area with auctions, but its nothing compared to this place.


I heard about this flea market in Elkhorn from Patrick’s Aunt, Lori. Apparently they have been going there for years and have been holding out on me.  There were over 500 vendors at this one day event located at a fair grounds. Since I have never been to a legit flea market, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was pretty overwhelming and we didn’t even make it half way through. Later I will share some of the things I learned and few tips for you if you are shopping a flea market.

I have been looking for an old fan for a while now, but I just couldn’t find the right one for the right price at any of our local antique stores or online.  But I found this cute little green fan for a steal. I also picked up this adorable wire cloche with a bird’s nest on top and if you don’t know, I have a bit of an obsession with birds and this fits right in.

fan collageI also picked up this old wrought iron cow weathervane and hung it above the window in the kitchen.


I bought an awesome round wicker basket and a set of deer antlers.  I might find a different place for the antlers  but for now they are hanging out on the console table next to the fireplace. The wicker basket is so big and holds a bunch of our throw blankets on the other console table next to the fireplace.

antler&basket collage

But my most favorite find at the market is for sure this vintage card catalog.

vintage card catalog

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it. I loved the card catalog that Mandy at Vintage Revivals has in her living room. And I have seen a few others on Pinterest.  I had  been looking for something to fill that small little space between the two couches and originally thought that I would find a small end table. But when I saw this I just knew I had to have it. And it totally helped that Bob gave me a great price.  Thanks Bob!

vintage card catalog

She was a little dirty and took a little work to fix up but it was well worth it.  I added a few succulents to a couple of the drawers and put my new fan on top. I’m sure that will change but I kind of like it for now.

vintage card catalog

So those are all my goodies that I found at the market.  I’m excited to go back next year.

Do you have any flea market finds? I would love to hear about them!

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