Steamboat Springs | A First Timers Guide

steamboat springs first timers guide

The hubby and I just got back from an amazing short getaway to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was kind of a last minute trip and I really can’t believe that he was able to get away in the middle of harvest but I’m so grateful that we made the time and took the chance. We were comped a weeks stay at a ski lodge and found some pretty amazing deals on round trip airfare through Frontier. So away we jetted for a few days up in the mountains. Here is a list of some of the things we did and a little guide if your a first timer like us.

Where We Stayed

We had the opportunity to stay at the Legacy Vacation Resort Club in Steamboat Springs Hilltop. To be honest my first impression online wasn’t that great, but it was free so I wasn’t going to complain. When we got there I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very clean, there were tons of great accommodations and the staff was very friendly.  From what I understand they have a few different room options from studios to 1&2 bedroom suites.  We were in a studio and it was really just the right size for us.


Where We Ate

I love food, I’m just going to put that out there. So when I’m traveling food is basically my main priority.  Pat and I always joke about how our plans basically depend on when we will eat next and I’m really not sorry about that. All the food we ate while on vacation was A-MA-ZING, not cheap, but totally worth it.  We definite splurged on a lot of meals but totally justified it by the fact that eating out without any distractions of our child flailing around the table and not wanting to sit still doesn’t happen very often, so it totally made sense to us. Here are a few of the places we chowed down.

+ Freshies

So good. The cinnamon rolls were huge and delish. Like I don’t really know how else to describe them but amazing. And Pat is definitely a cinnamon roll con-assure and he loved it.  I also introduced him to a latte.  Don’t ask me how he has made it almost 28 years in life and has never had a latte, but needless to say, he’s now a fan. I got the avocado smash with weeds. Not weed, we were in Colorado, but didn’t partake in any of that kind of activity. It was really good and kept me full until dinner time even after a whole day of hiking.


+Back Door Grill

We stopped at a local spot called Back Door Grill for our first dinner. If you are looking for a very local spot with good burgers this is the place to go. I don’t know if it was because we were clearly not locals or the service wasn’t that great, but the service wasn’t that great. We were not told about any of the happy hour specials and a table of locals sat down right next to us and ordered off that menu…so $9.50 for a mixed drink later, were weren’t too impressed. So if you are planning to go here I would definitely ask about the specials if you’re looking to save a few dollars.  I think there was even a coupon that I found later in one of the Steamboat Tourist books. I recommend you pick one of those up at your hotel or wherever you see one because it did save us a few dollars here and there.


This place was so cute, and you could definitely tell it was a local favorite spot.  There was a bit of a wait but it was totally worth it.  The food was amazing and the staff was so friendly. Much more reasonable prices for the amount of food you get.

+Ore House at Pine Grove

We loved this place. If you are looking for a steak restaurant I recommend this one. It was your classic supper club steak and seafood restaurant and it did not disappoint. The portions were very plentiful and I recommend getting the house potatoes, so good.  There was a coupon in the tourist guide for 10% off your entree which was nice since it was pretty pricy.  If you plan to go, make a reservation because it gets super busy and chances of getting in without one are pretty slim.

+Johnny B Good’s Diner

I chose to eat breakfast here on our last day because I had read so many great reviews and I’m a sucker for a classic American diner.  It was super cute and the moment you walked in you felt like you were in the 1950’s.  We each got a classic breakfast and because we were able to make it in early it was 1/2 off.  I think their early bird special is from 7-9 so defiantly take advantage of that.



What We Did

+ Hiking

On our first full day we went hiking at Fish Creek Falls just a short drive from downtown Steamboat. It was so beautiful and definitely a challenge hike for beginners like us.  It took us a while to get to the top but it was absolutely beautiful. We kept saying that we couldn’t believe we are in t-shirts right now and there is snow on the ground next to us.  If you are looking for a nice hike with beautiful views check this place out.

img_5446+Horseback Riding

We went horseback riding which was so fun. I have never really been real horseback riding before so I was pumped. Pat has been before and apparently had bad experiences each time with his horse. We did some research and decided to go with Saddleback Ranch.  They one of the more popular ranches in the area but it was just a short 20 minute drive from downtown Steamboat so we decided to use them.  It was so beautiful to ride through the mountains and hills.  I would say that was definitely one of my highlights from the whole trip.  I think Pat would agree as well.


+Strawberry Park Hot Springs

We went to a natural hot springs, Strawberry Park, in the afternoon and it was so cool. It’s crazy that something like this exists in the middle of the mountains. There were a few different “pools” or levels and the temperature could change within like 20 degrees between the two. The best way to really describe it was like a dirty hot tub with a sandy floor. I mean it wasn’t like icky dirty that you didn’t want to be in it but it was more like a lake water but better. Its hard to explain but definitely something you have to try if you have the opportunity.


steamboat springs a first timers guide

+Fat Tire Bikes

We rented some fat tire bikes and went biking on the trails through town. We attempted to bike up in the mountains but…that didn’t work out as well as we anticipated. Turns out those hills are super steep. And I’m pretty sure there is still some way that people get to the top and then just bike down the mountain.  But none the less it was a fun experience and a good work out.  steamboat springs a first timers guide

steamboat springs a first timers guide


So in a nutshell that was our trip. I feel like we crammed a lot of stuff into 4 days but it was really nice to just be together and getaway from all things work and responsibility for a while.  I feel like my daughter grew up so much in just those 4 days so it will probably be a while until we take another trip without her. But I think its always important to keep your marriage fresh and doing a quick getaway like this is a good way to do so if you can.