Wedding Update {Blush and Gold Mood Board}

Blush and gold mood board


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Hi friends! I’m back today to share a bit of wedding related stuff with you. The main question I get from people when I tell them that I am getting married is, what are your colors? Its important to get a good idea of the main color and a few accent colors you are wanting to use for your wedding as soon as you can. There are so many things that you will be doing when planning your wedding and knowing what colors you want will help a ton.

I always described to people that I want very light, romantic colors for my wedding. I have always been drawn to soft pinks, blush, pale greens, whites, creams and I added gold in for a bit of a glamorous accent.  Even before I was engaged my Pinterest board was full of these colors in flowers and dresses and décor. {Don’t judge me for having a wedding board before I was engaged, you all know you do it!}

So to better explain and describe to you what I’m planning I put together a little mood board of how I would like my décor to look. I have many DIY projects on my list and cant wait to share them with you.

The bridesmaid dress in the center are the actual dresses my girls picked out and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful dress. It’s going to look so amazing on each girl and I cant wait to see them in it. I will be using a lot of babies breath in my décor especially for my bridesmaids bouquets.  For my bouquet I dream of something similar to #2 big and romantic flowers. I also envision lots of wildflowers and light colored roses for the table décor.  The barn is beautiful in its self, so it really wont need a lot of elaborate flower displays, which I love.

So my friends, that is what I’m feeling for my wedding décor. I’m pretty much in love. What do you think?

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