Weekend Rewind & How to Make Money Shopping Online

Hey! I hope you all had a really great holiday weekend. Doesn’t it seem like it when by so fast? I hope you are all adjusting well back into your routines.


We had such a great weekend spent with so much family, it was really the best. We had Thanksgiving on Thursday, and then Friday and Saturday we baked cookies.

Pat’s family has been doing an annual cookie bake for a long time and they have always so graciously invited me to join them, even knowing my level of baking abilities. This cookie bake was extra special because Anika and Vince got to decorate their own cookies. They did such a great job with grandmas help. 





We had our first annual cookie bake at my moms house on Saturday, with my sisters and my brothers girlfriend.  So many cookies, you guys.  My niece and nephew joined too it was just a really great day.  




I also might have done a little shopping this weekend. No, I didn’t brave the stores, but I did a lot of shopping online and got a lot of Christmas gifts purchased.  I wanted to share with you how I made money while shopping online this weekend.  

I’m sure you have all seen or heard of the website Ebates by now?I know I have shared it in the past with you here.   It can be kind of deceiving when you first see it like, why would I really get money back just by shopping through this link?  But you guys, I PROMISE it is legit.  I have been using it for a couple years now and my total cash back is $108.36.  In the past I have forgotten to use it,  but thats a lot of money if you really think about it, just for taking one extra click.  

But I found out now, they have this new feature that will help you to never forget to use your Ebates when you are already on a site. All you have to do is download their Cash Back Button after you sign up. It will put the button at the top of your screen and each time you are on a site that is eligible for cash back rewards, you simply click to activate it. So easy! I swear if you don’t use this, your leaving money on the table.  AND they have a new feature where you can link your credit or debit cards through the site and use them IN STORE.  So you can also get cash back if your shopping at a store eligible for cash back. Free money just got so much easier! I haven’t tried this option yet, but you can bet my money saving heart will be. 


I used my cash back rewards at Gap, Old Navy, Kate Spade & Sorel this weekend.  And most of them had at least 8% cash back.  

Today is Cyber Monday so its the perfect opportunity to sign up and start saving if your going to be shopping online.  

Happy shopping, and saving money! Let me know what your shopping for today in the comments! 


Click Below to sign up! 
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back




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