Friday Faves + Christmas Pillow Roundup from Amazon Under $20

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, friends.  This week felt like it was so long and never going to end.  I have been super busy at work and like I shared in my coffee corner post, Anika has not been sleeping well since the time change, but I feel like that’s going to change this weekend…maybe…fingers crossed.  

I wanted to drop in quick and share some of the things that I have been loving lately. 

Favorite Bite


Butternut Squash & Spinach Lasagna

My sister in law made this recipe a few weeks ago when we were at their house for  Halloween and it was so good. I attempted to make it on Monday when we had a girls night and I actually pulled it off.  It was so good and everyone loved it (or at least they said they did in order to not hurt my feelings).  If you love butternut squash I totally recommend it. 

Favorite Outfit


 I saw this on Pinterest and immediately felt cozy and warm. These Sperry rain boots are so cute and that sweatshirt looks so soft and fuzzy.  

Favorite Color


I can’t get enough of this burgundy color. I bought this bag at Target before our trip to Colorado and I just love it so much.  This neutral loving girl even bought a pair of leggings in this color, thats how much I’m crushing on it. 

Favorite Room


I have been dreaming about built-ins around my fireplace forever.  And this weekend…my dream is finally coming true. I can’t wait to style them and share them with you all. 


Favorite Decor


Affiliated shopping links (top to bottom)1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11

Do you guys ever shop Amazon for home decor? It doesn’t seem like the first place you would typically go, but they actually have some cute stuff. A little searching is all it takes. I rounded up some of my favorite pillow covers for you all. These pillow covers are all super cute and all under $20, most even under $10! 

Well thats my round up of favorites for the week. Leave me a comment about what your are loving lately.  I hope you all have a great weekend and feel free to stay in touch with me on Facebook or Instagram



Kitchen Coffee Corner

Hey, Friends! I hope you are all having a great week so far.  We are really struggling with this whole time change in our house.  My daughter hasn’t really adjusted to the sleeping in an hour later part and we have been up at 5 am all week.  So as you can imagine coffee has been my BFF more than ever this week. 

Apparently I rely on coffee to get me through most of my days.  One day about a month ago, Anika and I were chatting, imagine me talking a lot, and her answering in one-two word sentences.  And all of a sudden she proclaims “mama needs coffee.” Imagine that coming from a sweet little 19month old girl. It was the cutest thing I have ever heard. And naturally I asked her to repeat it 1000 times so its a regular part of her vocabulary.  Every morning when I go over to my coffee corner she states- “Mama needs coffee.” I die. every time. The cuteness is just too much. 

I wanted to share a quick look at the coffee corner in our kitchen with you all. I think it helps to keep everything close and organized because usually when I need coffee…I NEED it.  I do have to admit that a lot of times my hubby makes the coffee in the morning. He is usually the first one up and makes a really good cup of coffee.  I also like cute things so naturally I spruced up my coffee corner in our kitchen.  Lets take a peek. 

Kitchen Coffee Corner

It’s a pretty simple little corner but does the trick for us.  I bought the little wire basket at Marshalls to hold our coffee, tea and filters.  We got this white set of dishes from Target for our wedding and I love them so much. 


Kitchen coffee station

Have you ever bought the coffee from Aldi? It’s actually really good, and like $3.00 a bag, can’t beat that price when I feel like I have been drinking it by the gallon lately.  

Coffee Sign

This little sign is my favorite part. I made it into a print to put by my coffee station. So every morning when I’m pouring my cup I think about my sweet little girl saying, “Mama needs coffee” and it makes me smile. Even though lately, she has literally been at my feet telling me I need coffee. We really gotta work on this sleeping later thing, girlfriend. Mama’s tired. 

Well thats a little glimpse of my coffee corner in our kitchen. Do you have a coffee corner or station? I have seen so many cute ideas, who knows it could always change.  




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10 of the Cutest Holiday Photo Card Ideas

Can you believe it’s only 51 days until Christmas? I know, it’s was just Halloween and we still have Thanksgiving to look forward to, but if I don’t start thinking ahead to my holiday photo cards, they just won’t get done. Last year I created our own cards and I plan to do that again this year. It was really easy last year because we had just taken family photos so I had a great picture of the three of us together that I could use. Here’s last years photo-



This year I haven’t scheduled a professional photo shoot yet, and I don’t really know if I’m going to. But I still wanted to round up some inspiration for my cards this year.  There are so many cute ideas out there. I’m still toying with the idea of just showcasing Anika in the card, or if we will do a whole family photo, or maybe a collage of photos throughout the year. I just don’t know yet, but I am definitely saving some of these for inspiration. I hope you find some inspiration as well. Click the image to be taken to the original source.

10 Cute Holiday Photo Card Ideas











Aren’t these all the cutest photos you’ve ever seen?  The littles with the books? I mean come on, I can’t even handle it.  I also really love the cozy coup with the tree on top. And the matching jammies get me every.single.time.

All these photos really has me thinking about ideas for our card this year. I better get started!

Which ones are your favorites?  Do you have your card planned yet? Leave me a message in the comments below!



Friday Inspiration

Hello, Friends! I just wanted to quickly pop in today and wish you all a happy Friday and hope you all have a great weekend.  We have lots of projects around the house to work on and slowly but surely harvest season is coming to an end, so celebration is surely in order.

I just wanted to leave you with a little inspirational poster that I created. Lately this has been one of my favorite positive attitude quotes.  It’s all about how you look at things and the attitude you have.  It’s amazing how much attitude can affect so many things in your life.

FREE PRINTABLE- Positive Attitude Quote

Positive Attitude Quote
To print this for yourself, simply click on the image and a larger size will pop up and then print as you would anything else.


Stay positive, friends and have a great weekend!




How To Lock Your Kids in an iPhone App

Ok, Moms. Most of us have been there if we have a child over the age of 1.5.  The time where you just want to get something done around the house, grocery shop or even just go to the bathroom by yourself.  Side note- why are kids so enthralled with the bathroom? Like its really not that great, and its dirty and smelly.  I mean try to make your kid take a bath and its like negotiating with a terrorist, but let them watch you go #2 and your the most exciting thing alive.  I digress.


We have all given our kid the iPhone or iPad to distract them or occupy them for some amount of time. And don’t try to act like you haven’t done it, because I know. I know you have. And that doesn’t make you a bad mom, its ok, no judgement here. It’s all about moderation right? And they love the thing, they are happy, smiley and giggly in their monkey show, or grover TV as my child would call it but then they get a little home button happy and all hell breaks loose.

For some reason that darn circle is so intriguing and just makes you want to push it, over and over and over again until Siri is all like….”WTH is wrong with you, Courtney just ask a dang question or quit pushing the button.” Ok, maybe Siri doesn’t say that, but I’m sure she’s thinking it.

If you find yourself in this situation often. I have a great solution for you. You can lock your kid in Guided Access Mode so when they are watching a show, or playing an App they can’t get out of it by pushing the home button. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out, but you can bet I have been sharing and shouting at the rooftops to all my mommy friends.  Here are the super simple steps to follow.

How To Enable Guided Access on your iPhone or iPad


  1. Go to your settings
  2. Select> General
  3. Select> Accessibility
  4. Select> Guided Accessguidedaccess_steps4-6-2
  5. When selected it will be green
  6. Enter your passcode, it can be the same as your passcode to unlock your phone or something  different. Or if you use the Touch ID you can use that to end guided access.

So when you want to enter guided access mode you simply click the home button rapidly 3 times. A prompt will come up that says START guided access and your good to go. When you want to end guided access you push the home button rapidly 3 times again and hit end. You will be prompted to enter your passcode or use your touch ID. See how simple it is? It can really be useful to anyone, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles.  Hope you enjoy!



Happy Halloween | A Different Kind of Fun

Hey guys! I just thought I would share a little snapshot of our weekend. Most of our weekends really aren’t this eventful but it was Halloween weekend so I thought I would share with ya’ll a little bit of what we were up to.  I also like to share these things as a way to look back and remember because let’s face it, life is cray and goes by so fast. That’s what my little blog is here to do for me, be a remembrance of this season we are in.

We got together with our close group of friends on Friday to kick off the weekend. All of my friends have had little girls within the past 2 years and they are all pretty close in age.  So you can just imagine what our get togethers are like.  Anika is the oldest and the youngest is 5 months.  We attempted a picture of each of them in their costumes and surprisingly we were able to get a couple good shots.


Anika, ohh my sweet little girl. She is such a strong willed little girl and she’s not even two yet. I can’t imagine what her threenager or teenage years are going to be like.  But I don’t think I would have it any other way. She does still have her sweet moments, but if she has her head set on something, thats that.  We fought for a few days about her not wanting to wear the costume I made for her.  I put my blood, sweat and tears into that Elmo costume and I’ll be darned if she doesn’t wear it, at least for long enough to get a picture.  (ok maybe that was a little dramatic, but I really did enjoy making the costume for her). Thankfully she finally agreed to wear it and ended up liking it.


On Saturday we went to visit my sister & brother in law who live about an hour away.  They have the sweetest little boy, Vincent.  I just cant get enough of him and neither can Anika.  They are so cute together, I can just see the trouble they will be getting into when they are older.  And I already know my child will be the instigator, sorry in advance Kayla & Tony.



Spending Halloween weekend like this makes me think back to what our Halloweens used to look like.  I love Halloween, its one of my favorite holidays next to Thanksgiving and Christmas, because obviously…food.  We dressed up every year and went out to a bar or a party and it was always so much fun. I shared a post a few years a ago about Halloweens past if you want to check out some of those costumes. Our husbands- then boyfriends, really got into it as you can tell.


But it got me thinking. Halloween just doesn’t look the same as it used to. We are all married now, and most of us parents.  So there is less time to think of a creative costume, less of a chance to go out and honestly less of a want to to do those things.  This year has probably been my most favorite Halloween weekend in a long time.  This is the first year that Anika really got the idea of trick or treating and seeing her walking up to houses so excited to get candy just melted my heart.  I had so much fun hanging out with our family and friends watching our littles be little that I didn’t even think about what I would or could be doing for Halloween. Maybe its because I was away from my little girl for a few days or I’m just sappy, but I have been feeling like life is going by way to fast and I just want it to slow down.  I want to take it all in as much as I can and be happy in the moment with my little family.

Now, thats not to say that we will never dress up, or never go out again because I’m sure we will and that is still something that I love to do. But for now, I’m perfectly content living through my daughters eyes and showing her what life is all about.  Choosing to be happy and making the most of every day. Sorry for all of the sappiness but thats where I’m at right now.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween doing whatever makes you happy.






A Touch of Fall

Hello! Just thought I would drop in and share a little fall tour of our house.  Over the past year or two I have tried to keep things simple around here when it comes to fall decorating and decorating for the seasons.  I like to try and incorporate things here and there that mix well with my year round decor and since its pretty neutral, thats not too hard to do.  Not to mention, it can be hard decorating around an almost two year old and all the toys.  My goodness, the toys, who knew someone so small would require so much stuff? And truthfully, she would be fine just playing with the remote control if thats all we had. But what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t have toys for her?   Anyway, lets get to the fall decor.

fall table decor

fall sign

fall entry

fall shelf

I love decorating that little shelf for different seasons.  Like I said, I don’t go too crazy with the fall decor but just a touch here and there. I might not be able to control myself when it comes to Christmas though.



Steamboat Springs | A First Timers Guide

steamboat springs first timers guide

The hubby and I just got back from an amazing short getaway to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was kind of a last minute trip and I really can’t believe that he was able to get away in the middle of harvest but I’m so grateful that we made the time and took the chance. We were comped a weeks stay at a ski lodge and found some pretty amazing deals on round trip airfare through Frontier. So away we jetted for a few days up in the mountains. Here is a list of some of the things we did and a little guide if your a first timer like us.

Where We Stayed

We had the opportunity to stay at the Legacy Vacation Resort Club in Steamboat Springs Hilltop. To be honest my first impression online wasn’t that great, but it was free so I wasn’t going to complain. When we got there I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very clean, there were tons of great accommodations and the staff was very friendly.  From what I understand they have a few different room options from studios to 1&2 bedroom suites.  We were in a studio and it was really just the right size for us.


Where We Ate

I love food, I’m just going to put that out there. So when I’m traveling food is basically my main priority.  Pat and I always joke about how our plans basically depend on when we will eat next and I’m really not sorry about that. All the food we ate while on vacation was A-MA-ZING, not cheap, but totally worth it.  We definite splurged on a lot of meals but totally justified it by the fact that eating out without any distractions of our child flailing around the table and not wanting to sit still doesn’t happen very often, so it totally made sense to us. Here are a few of the places we chowed down.

+ Freshies

So good. The cinnamon rolls were huge and delish. Like I don’t really know how else to describe them but amazing. And Pat is definitely a cinnamon roll con-assure and he loved it.  I also introduced him to a latte.  Don’t ask me how he has made it almost 28 years in life and has never had a latte, but needless to say, he’s now a fan. I got the avocado smash with weeds. Not weed, we were in Colorado, but didn’t partake in any of that kind of activity. It was really good and kept me full until dinner time even after a whole day of hiking.


+Back Door Grill

We stopped at a local spot called Back Door Grill for our first dinner. If you are looking for a very local spot with good burgers this is the place to go. I don’t know if it was because we were clearly not locals or the service wasn’t that great, but the service wasn’t that great. We were not told about any of the happy hour specials and a table of locals sat down right next to us and ordered off that menu…so $9.50 for a mixed drink later, were weren’t too impressed. So if you are planning to go here I would definitely ask about the specials if you’re looking to save a few dollars.  I think there was even a coupon that I found later in one of the Steamboat Tourist books. I recommend you pick one of those up at your hotel or wherever you see one because it did save us a few dollars here and there.


This place was so cute, and you could definitely tell it was a local favorite spot.  There was a bit of a wait but it was totally worth it.  The food was amazing and the staff was so friendly. Much more reasonable prices for the amount of food you get.

+Ore House at Pine Grove

We loved this place. If you are looking for a steak restaurant I recommend this one. It was your classic supper club steak and seafood restaurant and it did not disappoint. The portions were very plentiful and I recommend getting the house potatoes, so good.  There was a coupon in the tourist guide for 10% off your entree which was nice since it was pretty pricy.  If you plan to go, make a reservation because it gets super busy and chances of getting in without one are pretty slim.

+Johnny B Good’s Diner

I chose to eat breakfast here on our last day because I had read so many great reviews and I’m a sucker for a classic American diner.  It was super cute and the moment you walked in you felt like you were in the 1950’s.  We each got a classic breakfast and because we were able to make it in early it was 1/2 off.  I think their early bird special is from 7-9 so defiantly take advantage of that.



What We Did

+ Hiking

On our first full day we went hiking at Fish Creek Falls just a short drive from downtown Steamboat. It was so beautiful and definitely a challenge hike for beginners like us.  It took us a while to get to the top but it was absolutely beautiful. We kept saying that we couldn’t believe we are in t-shirts right now and there is snow on the ground next to us.  If you are looking for a nice hike with beautiful views check this place out.

img_5446+Horseback Riding

We went horseback riding which was so fun. I have never really been real horseback riding before so I was pumped. Pat has been before and apparently had bad experiences each time with his horse. We did some research and decided to go with Saddleback Ranch.  They one of the more popular ranches in the area but it was just a short 20 minute drive from downtown Steamboat so we decided to use them.  It was so beautiful to ride through the mountains and hills.  I would say that was definitely one of my highlights from the whole trip.  I think Pat would agree as well.


+Strawberry Park Hot Springs

We went to a natural hot springs, Strawberry Park, in the afternoon and it was so cool. It’s crazy that something like this exists in the middle of the mountains. There were a few different “pools” or levels and the temperature could change within like 20 degrees between the two. The best way to really describe it was like a dirty hot tub with a sandy floor. I mean it wasn’t like icky dirty that you didn’t want to be in it but it was more like a lake water but better. Its hard to explain but definitely something you have to try if you have the opportunity.


steamboat springs a first timers guide

+Fat Tire Bikes

We rented some fat tire bikes and went biking on the trails through town. We attempted to bike up in the mountains but…that didn’t work out as well as we anticipated. Turns out those hills are super steep. And I’m pretty sure there is still some way that people get to the top and then just bike down the mountain.  But none the less it was a fun experience and a good work out.  steamboat springs a first timers guide

steamboat springs a first timers guide


So in a nutshell that was our trip. I feel like we crammed a lot of stuff into 4 days but it was really nice to just be together and getaway from all things work and responsibility for a while.  I feel like my daughter grew up so much in just those 4 days so it will probably be a while until we take another trip without her. But I think its always important to keep your marriage fresh and doing a quick getaway like this is a good way to do so if you can.




Easy How To: Removing Tarnish From a Copper Kettle

I am seriously the definition of procrastination.  I got this old copper kettle 2 years ago. It has moved around the kitchen a few times and I see it pretty much everyday. But I still could not manage to spruce it up and make it shiny and new looking again.  You don’t even want to know how many times I have thought about it and then decided I had ‘better things to do’.

And those ‘better things’ probably consisted of watching an entire series on Netflix and not leaving my house or doing anything until I finish it.  Do you ever have that problem?  I have to avoid Netflix most of the time because I know if I get started on a TV show I will have to watch them all before I can move on with anything else in my life.  My current addiction is, The Following, so.good.I.cant.stop. The one before that – My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Thankfully there were only like 7 episodes of that show.

Anywho, I finally managed to clean up my old kettle and it was so easy to get rid of the tarnish, I don’t know why it took me so long.


 This is what we started with, just not living up to its full copper tarnish free potential.

I just cut up a lemon, added some salt and scrubbed the surface of the kettle.  Easy peasey lemon squeezey (pun intended ;))


The tarnish came of so easily, its pretty much like magic.  I did leave a tarnish in some spots because I like the way it still made it look old and antique but not all over dull. I don’t actually use this kettle for tea, just for decoration. Oh and I would recommend doing this in the sink and probably not on your counter top. Its very messy and the lemon and salt is very hard to clean up if it dries a little.



So shiny and pretty right? I love this little kettle even more now.  And my pig cutting boards, my new collection I have started, aren’t they the cutest?


Do you have any super easy projects you have been procrastinating on completing? I would love to hear from you in the comments, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for reading! If you need me I’ll be watching The Following. But seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Its addicting.

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Target HACK – Stool Makeover

A few weeks ago I was doing my favorite thing – AKA browsing the aisles of Target and I came across these adorable counter stools.

Threshold™ 24" Industrial Counterstool with Wood Top (Set of 2)


But at $98 for the pair, I wasn’t really willing to spend that much. Then I remembered that I had some pretty sweet vintage stools that I traded Katie for a can of paint for a few months ago.  I planned to use them in the basement craft area, but the Target stools gave me a totally new idea on how to spruce them up a bit. Here’s what the stools looked like when we started. Very sturdy, but a little rusty in some spots and I didn’t looove the color.


So we decided to give them a little makeover to look more like the stools I found at Target. It was actually a pretty easy process. Here’s how we did it.

::Materials Used::

  • Plywood- we purchased a 2×4 piece of plywood at Home Depot. It was sanded already on one side so it made finishing a little easier
  • 8 Carriage Bolts, washer & nuts
  • Drill
  • Skillsaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Hand sander
  • Stain
  • Spray paint

::Step 1 ::

We spray painted the base of the stools in Rustoleum Heirloom White, in a satin finish.

Then we measured the top of each stool seat.  Ours were 14″x14″.  Then marked our measurements on the wood, a 14×14 cutout.


:Step 2::

With the skill saw we cut out the top pieces of plywood.

::Step 3::

Because the skill saw only makes straight cuts we had to place the cutout on top of the stool and trace the corners to see where they need to be rounded. Once the corner rounds were traced off, we used the jigsaw to round them off.

::Step 4::

Next we sanded the corners to make them smooth.


::Step 5::

Because our stools already have holes in them it was easy to measure where the holes would need to be cut to screw the bolts into.  We traced from underneath the stool seat where the existing holes were to the bottom of the new seat.  Then we used our drill to drill the holes for the bolts to fit into.

::Step 6::

Next we stained the tops with a combination of Ebony and Red Mahogany and finished them with a clear wax.

::Step 7::

When the stain was dry we attached the wood tops to the stools with the carriage bolts and made sure they were tightened securely.

And that was it, not difficult at all.  Here’s the finished product-


stool 3


target hack-vintage stool makeover

Pretty similar, right?  What do you think? Will you be on the lookout for some vintage stools to try this project?

You might have noticed a little sneak peek of my craft room, stay tuned I will be sharing the full reveal later this week!

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