Two Year Old Birthday Party Theme Roundup

Hello lovelies! I’m popping in today to share some ideas with you about two year old birthday parties.  I can.not. believe that we will have a two year old in two weeks! It is just so crazy how fast time is going.  

I am in full swing planning mode for our sweet girls second birthday party and let me tell you, there are so many cute ideas that I would love to have like 10 different parties if I could. But that would be totally excessive and I’m thankful that we are able to have 1 party for her.  

I remember as a kid we didn’t really have birthday parties. Not like they do today.  I had a lot of siblings so we always just celebrated our birthday as a family. We usually got to go out to dinner at our favorite restaurant as a family. Totally not saying there is anything wrong with that, in fact we are keeping that same tradition in our family and I love it. When we were older we were able to have friend birthday parties, but even that was just basically having a sleepover with your closest girlfriends.  

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that birthday parties are nothing like they used to be.  Now a days there is so much pressure to have the perfect party with the perfect invitations, decorations, food and theme. Oh you were thinking about having a party without a theme?! GASP!

For me this is what I love to do though. I love to get creative and host parties so its almost more fun for me than for our daughter.  But this year she totally understand what her birthday is, and that she will be two, and that it will be a Minnie Mouse theme.  I will share all the pictures and ideas with you after the party in a few weeks but here are some ideas I found while searching the internet for two year old birthday parties.  

Two-tti Fruity Party

Image Source

I love, love, love this theme and the ideas from Pizzazzerie. I really wanted to do it for Anika’s birthday this year, but because her birthday is in February it just didn’t seem to fit.  Maybe someday if I have a child born in the summer we could do this. It’s just so bright and fun I love it! 

Tea for Two

Image Source

This theme so adorable. It’s sweet and pretty and I just love it. I’m not sure at this age Anika would do well with a tea party but maybe a future birthday.  There are so many cute ideas for this theme out there it was hard to find just one image. I can just imagine inviting all your little friends over and they wear their pretty dresses and play, sigh, I love little girls.  I’m a huge pink and gold fan, obviously from my wedding you can tell that.  Maybe someday I’ll share wedding photos on the blog lol.  Anyway, so cute! 

Minnie Mouse Party- Oh Two-dles

Image Source

We are obviously going with the Minnie Mouse theme because, hello, girl is obsessed.  She loves everything about Minnie and she is slowly taking over our house.  So since it is HER birthday, I suppose we can have a theme of something she actually loves. But I’m totally digging the pink and gold minnie theme over the traditional black and pink.  

Elmo Party 

Image Source

It was kind of a toss up between an Elmo party and a Minnie Party.  Anika loves both equally, but in the end she decided on Minnie.  I even ask her opinion. Its really funny if you give her a choice of two things she will usually pick the second option, probably because you said it last. But when I asked her both ways, she chose Minnie both times.  

Sprinkled With Love Party

Image Via

Isn’t this the sweetest? I love the whole thing.  It’s super easy and doable as well. Colorful and fun! 

Sparkle & Glitter Party 

Image Via

Ok, what little girl wouldn’t want a sparkle and glitter party? I love this theme. The possibilities are endless and it would make any little girl feel so special. 

 Unicorn Party

Image Via

I just love this unicorn party idea. Anika can’t yet tell the difference between a horse and a unicorn but I still think it’s so cute and whimsical. 

There are literally so many different ideas out there but these are just a few of my favorites.  Have you ever hosted a little girls party? What’s your favorite theme?  Stay tuned for the reveal of how our sweet girls party turns out.  




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